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    Ghost Sync is a fun game despite its shortcomings. (Gating the ability to force encounters with every step behind paid DLC is obnoxious. The Attract Pillars partially mitigate this, but they’re limited to dungeons only.)

    Here’s some battle and gameplay tips I learned from my playthrough on the highest difficulty of Hard. As usual, there won’t be any story spoilers, and there won’t be any discussion of specific boss fights.

    What to spend Shop currency on? The one purchase I recommend above all, even for players who don’t like using the Shop, is the permanent upgrade that completely restores all MP/AP after each battle. Spells and abilities cost a LOT in Ghost Sync. Not needing to drink potions after every battle is a tremendous quality of life feature.

    Buying Shop keys to the first couple storehouses will yield powerful starter equipment. Maybe too powerful, if you want a challenge during the main game, although their effectiveness will drop off by the endgame.

    I don’t recommend buying more than a couple storehouse keys because of the other game-breaking Shop purchase: stat boosters. The standard Exe-Create strategy of “use all the stat boosters you buy or find on a single character” works great. For extra brokenness, save and reload to make sure that Speed is always boosted, when using stat boosters that raise two random stats.

    I chose to power up Gwen because her spear attacks easily destroy random encounters. Concentrating all stat boosters on Lily is also a good option.

    The other two characters work better as support characters due to their drawbacks. Lupy is naturally very frail, while Bernard has the lowest natural INT, uses harder-to-replenish AP instead of MP for his abilities, and can’t be resurrected like the other characters. When Bernard is “killed”, he has to spend his next turn trying to possess another spirit; if there are no enemy or ally spirits available to possess, then Bernard can’t do anything except the Defend command. If the rest of the team falls while Bernard isn’t possessing any spirit, then it’s Game Over.

    The weapon customization option can make your strongest character into an even more overwhelming force. Go to the weapon customization menu and select “Applied Effects”. Delete any useless effects on the weapon (you don’t need a Delete Fossil like in other Exe-Create games), then use stat-boosting rings on the weapon.

    For example, you can use Guild Coins earned in-game to buy Early Rings from the Guild Shop (if the Guild Shop doesn’t sell them then you need to progress the story until it does) and consume those rings to make a weapon that magnifies the user’s Speed by up to 100%.

    Also, choosing the “Strengthen weapon” option from the weapon customization menu will consume spare weapons to transfer both their weapon bonuses (up to +999) and their applied effects (if those effects match the weapon being strengthened, or if the weapon being strengthened has no applied effects).

    You can also customize a spare weapon with Box Rings from the Kinari capital to give it the Item Drop property, up to 100%. Ghost Sync doesn’t have a “Steal” ability, so this is one of two ways to quickly get items from enemies for “Collect X things from Y enemy” quests. The other way is to use a Drop Stone, but those rarely appear in-game and cost Shop currency to buy.

    Customization is very useful for armor, too! I strongly recommend buying paralysis-resistance rings and sleep-resistance rings from any accessory shop, and using them as “Applied Effects” on armor to make your whole party immune to paralysis or sleep ASAP.

    What magic should the party learn? Teach your stat-boosted character some strong attacks – spear attacks if it’s Gwen, or magic attacks if it’s Lily (I recommend Tempest because there are other useful spells in the Wind tree). The rest of the characters should focus on support skills in the different trees that raise the party’s abilities – Wind Wide Accel (Speed), Fire Wide Mind (INT), Earth Wide Protect (DEF). Earth Clay Bind (debuffs an enemy’s DEF/Speed) and the Earth spell that debuffs INT are also must-haves for as many characters as possible.

    Lupy’s Down Break is the only easily accessible way to debuff enemy Attack. Bernard can learn some Unique debuffing skills, but if he’s possessing an enemy then he won’t have access to them! He will only have access to the enemy’s Unique skills and any learned magic skills.

    You can make Bernard let go of a possessed enemy by going to the Equip menu (which doubles as a status menu). Select Bernard, and choose the “Beast” option on the right side of the screen. Select a Beast to force Bernard to let go of his currently possessed enemy. This has a risk/reward tradeoff, because Bernard won’t have a possessed enemy to shield him from attacks at the start of the next battle.

    You can also make Bernard let go of a possessed enemy in combat, by using the Possess command when it’s Bernard’s turn. Possessing an allied spirit will make Bernard let go of any currently possessed enemy spirit. The Possess command also gives a preview of the Unique skills Bernard will access when he switches to an allied spirit.

    The Wind Mirage spell in the Wind Tree is absolutely broken. It protects a party member against ALL damage until their next turn. Cast it on a slow party member, and they will be an immortal tank until their turn finally comes!

    What formation to use? I recommend a T-shape. Make a row with your strongest character up front, your weakest in back, and a character with an “all adjacent allies” effect on their equipment in the middle. Put your second strongest character above or below the middle character. Your group is now reasonably spread out, plus the “Wide” support spells will cover all of them, and any spell or item that covers a 2×2 square (including most battle items that buff stats) will cover up to three of them.

    Metal monsters exist, but only on islands that you can’t reach until the endgame. By then, you’ll be able to teach everyone the Earth Meteo spell to overwhelm metal monsters with repeated hits. Metal monsters also die to critical hits, but no critical-hit skills exist and equipment to raise critical hit % is difficult to get.

    Although characters can level up to 999, you don’t need max levels or max stats to beat all postgame challenges on Hard.  The postgame challenges are limited to a single postgame dungeon, the Secret Arena on the ship docked  either in Dragonia or near the Kinari capital, the Billion Challenge in the room next to the Secret Arena, and strong monsters up to level 500 on various islands.

    You don’t need to level grind if all you care about is clearing the postgame dungeon. The Secret Arena may require some grinding depending on the stats of your strongest character, especially their Speed stat.

    I don’t recommend buying any experience boosters from the Shop. Grinding on the Advanced Metal Monster island is fast and easy, since the party will face only one enemy at a time there.

    If a party member is KO’d at the end of combat, they don’t get any experience despite what the results screen says. This can result in a notable level difference if, say, Lupy keeps dying on boss fights or while fighting metal monsters! An alternative way to grind is to lower the difficulty to Easy and repeatedly clear the first Secret Arena match for stat boosters.

    Some Guild Missions are S-Rank and the only way to access them is to grind Guild Rank points until the party is Guild Rank S. The fastest way to do this is to farm furs from monsters in Sharbe Icepit for the repeatable A-Rank Guild Mission #14.

    One S-Rank Guild Mission requires the party to hunt Specters near Kanai village. Specters only appear on rocky terrain, not forested or grassy terrain. Other monsters may also be limited to certain terrain types; keep this in mind if you’re trying to fill out the monster catalog.

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    Those are some very good tips for – from my experience – one of the easiest Exe Create games. I only disagree with regards to one aspect: Opening all treasure chests is always my top priority as a completionist, and I will always buy as many Storehouse Keys (or whatever) to achieve that goal if necessary. 😛

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