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    MSG Commander

    (I refuse to use the word Freemium…)

    I bought the premium version as I normally do. Checking out the Shop, it seems that the only real incentive for buying premium is that there are no ads.

    There doesn’t seem to be anything in the Shop that’s actually worthwhile (just a bunch of random stuff that “could” be helpful – but nothing really jumps out at me and says, “Oh, yeah, buy me to make the game better!” :whistle:

    So it probably comes down to whether or not you want ads. And in that case it might be better to download the free version and then pay to turn ads off (if that’s cheaper? I don’t know.)

    All your base are


    If your device is rooted, you can play the free version without ads. Just delete the ads folder in the Glorious Savior data location and make sure to open and play the game without any internet connection so it won’t download the ads again.

    You can do this to any free version of any games. But only if your device is rooted since you can’t access the whole game data content if your not rooted.


    ^ *Shusshhhhh*
    My device is rooted *cough*


    I just started playing this one (free). I have a Samsung Mega K so I’m not rooted (I have a rooted Galaxy Ace but it’s so ancient it could barely play Alphadia 2)

    Anyway I just got to the part where they said I’d be seeing more ads. I’m not seeing more ads. *shrug* Whatever bug it is I’m glad it’s happening. I mean I don’t absolutely hate ads unless they’re in a spot on the screen where I might accidentally tap one.


    If you play the game without internet connection(regardless of rooted or not)the game will show you a picture with:

    buy this game to erase ads and get *blablabla points
    which you can close instantly with a single tap, instead of showing:

    wait for 5 seconds then you can close the ads.” Does that make sense? :dry:

    Though from my experience if you’re playing the game offline like this you have to manually check the PlayGames in the trophy sections after each achievements for PG to record.

    I didn’t do this on my Menace and Dogma playthrough and PG didn’t record any achievements i got.
    I ended up with zero achievements on those games. :sick:

    What an ass...


    It’s certainly online. When I get into my house one of the first things I do is turn on my phone’s wifi. Turn on phone wifi, go to bathroom and if I hear an e-mail notification I go faster because the mail is likely an emergency.

    I get the little “go ad free” icon at the top but that doesn’t bug me. I also get the “remove ads and get points” splash screen when loading new areas but that doesn’t bug me either. And unless trophies get me real money rewards I’m not going to care about them either. So I guess I’ve got it pretty sweet.

    I’d get full-blown ads at the top of the screen with Asdivine Dios (I premium’d Menace) when I went online. I just figured Kemco changed their ad strategy somewhere along the way. The only thing I can think of then is maybe for some reason the game thinks it’s not online. Maybe something to do with my firewall or other security.

    Yeesh if it really threw in a 5 second delay I wouldn’t even play a game until I could premium it. Not that I’m impatient but EXE Create’s games are far better than they used to be and some have actually had feels. I don’t wanna wreck a good scene with a mandatory ad.

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