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    MSG Commander

    Ok, this is one part of the game I actually DON’T LIKE.

    Skills in this game are attached to weapons. If you equip the weapon you can use the skill; if you change weapons you lose the skill.

    (In other words there’s no way to “learn” a skill or to gain it permanently. If there’s a skill you just have to have, then you have to find a weapon that has it, and keep that weapon equipped even if the weapon itself is really weak and lame and low level.) 👿

    So anyway….

    Weapon Types

    There are 4 types of weapons – swords, staffs, bows, and axes. Each character can equip up to four weapons (at the start you can only equip two.) You can equip one of each type, or four of the same type, or any other combination you want. (So you could give one person four swords and make them massively OP for physical attacks against single enemies or some such.)

    Each weapon type has it’s own strengths which you’ll need to read about in the in-game Help.

    Skills and Skill Types

    Still trying to understand this part, but here’s what I’ve got so far:

    Each weapon type has its own unique skill type (for example, swords have their own group of skills for attacking a single enemy, staffs have their own magic skills for attacking or healing, etc.)

    Each weapon comes “preloaded” with one specific skill from the “skill set,” but… it’s not always the same one. For example, if you buy a Light Sword in town it comes with “Light Slash.” But it’s possible to get a Light Sword from a treasure or an enemy drop that might have “Berserk,” “Blaster Edge,” or “Divide Edge.” I’ve found all 3 of the above, so there’s probably other combinations as well.

    So, a particular skill is not necessarily assigned to a particular weapon – but the skill set or skill “type” will always match the weapon type (Light Slash will only appear on Swords, Area Heal will only appear on Staffs, and so on.)

    This essentially makes it impossible to create any type of meaningful skill list or weapon list, or to really provide specific, in-depth strategies for Boss battles, since you may have the exact same weapons, but totally different skills.

    Anway it’s all kind of confusing at the moment, but I found a solution: grind for about an hour in the bonus dungeon, then go back to the story and play on Normal (or Easy) with Battle Short cut turned on. Then for most encounters you won’t even have to think about it anyway. :woohoo:

    All your base are


    Looks like I might really buy the game.

    MSG Commander

    At story quest 36 each character can equip 3 weapons.

    All your base are


    Been busy, so didn’t have the time to play much or I even didn’t hear about it until very recently (very first dungeon here!).

    Though, I agree and disagree with You, MSG, about this part:

    Ok, this is one part of the game I actually DON’T LIKE.

    Skills in this game are attached to weapons. If you equip the weapon you can use the skill; if you change weapons you lose the skill.

    (In other words there’s no way to “learn” a skill or to gain it permanently. If there’s a skill you just have to have, then you have to find a weapon that has it, and keep that weapon equipped even if the weapon itself is really weak and lame and low level.) 👿

    From one side You are correct, and I also don’t really like how this is handled. But I think I don’t like this because I’m kinda a better Kemco and generally RPG player.

    But actually there is one good thing about that – You now has the reason to use the meteorites. I found in the Dogma that I didn’t really want to use them, because I could always find a better weapon… and so the used meteorites would be wasted. Here, we have a good reason to keep a weak weapon, and raise its stats to make it better. Because we want to keep the skill it has. Optionally, at most we can have 4 skills slots, and during a battle we rarely are using more than 2.. meaning we have extra 2 slots for another skills ;). Even if the weapon is weaker.


    No, the system was a total Flop. The amount of Meteorites for each weapon is Very High not to mention that each character gets 4 Weapons and there are 4 Characters , in a total you need 16 Upgraded Weapons. Farming is exactly the same and breaking of weapons is even more bad than Dogma. You fail in the Ratio of 45:55 while Failing is the Latter.

    MSG Commander

    Okay, almost 30 hours into the game :woohoo: I think maybe it’s about time I try to actually understand the weapon system. Please, somebody help me out if I have the wrong information here:

    So as we all know, you can equip up to four weapons on each character, and each weapon type has its own advantages, and its own skill set. (i.e. sword type weapons have their own skills, staff type weapons have their own skills, etc., also swords are best for single attack, bows attack in a column, etc.)

    Now, the basic weapon “parameters” for lack of a better term:


    ATK (or MGC for a staff): determines the amount of damage you can do, either with a regular attack, or by using the weapon’s skill.

    Skill: different for every weapon. Most skills are attack-based (whether physical or magical), but some staffs have healing magic.

    Added effects: 2 slots, each slot can have one effect. Some weapons you find from monsters or treasure have one or two effects already.

    Upgrading weapons:

    The only part of a weapon you cannot change is the Skill, so find the skill you want, and then upgrade the rest of the weapon to your liking.

    You can raise the ATK by using meteorites. Stronger meteorites raise the ATK faster (obviously). ATK can be raised to a maximum of +999.

    Added effects: If you have a Spirit that will give the effect you want, you can add it to your weapon here. You can also dismantle a different weapon to try and get the Spirit you want.

    Always SAVE your game before dismantling or adding an effect, because the results are completely random and it will take several attempts to get the results you want.

    You can only add 1 Spirit to one slot, so if you want something like STR +100%, the only way to get this effect is from using a STR 3 Spirit, and saving and reloading your game until that spirit actually gives you 100%.

    Some effects, like damage down or pre-emptive strike, may not ever go to 100%. (I’m not sure about this; just because I haven’t achieved 100% on these effects does not mean it can’t be done!)

    The highest rating I’ve seen for damage down on a weapon is 40, and the highest rating I’ve been able to achieve by trying to add this effect to a weapon is 13, so adding effects is completely unpredictable in this regard, and may not always be worth the time it takes.


    Character/Weapon selection

    Although you can have four weapons each, I don’t believe it’s practical to try and upgrade that many weapons for that many players.

    It seems like you should choose one weapon per character as their main attack weapon. Then give each character a secondary weapon, as I will explain below:

    Each character should have one ATK-based weapon and one MGC-based weapon. This is because some enemies (usually bosses) will use a skill that protects them either against magic, or against physical attacks. When they use this skill all attacks of that type only do 1 damage. So, it’s good for each character to have one main weapon, either ATK or MGC-based, and one backup weapon of the opposite type.

    (So if Rain has a sword as his main, then he needs a staff for backup. Meanwhile Viola has a staff for main, so she needs a sword, bow, or ax for backup.)

    Only upgrade each character’s main weapon to +999 (or however high you want to go.) Raise the level on their backup weapons if you want to, but treat the remaining weapons as “support-type.”

    These support weapons are really only there for the added effect slots (so you can add more STR, INT, SPD, or pre-emptive, damage down, or really whatever effect you want. It’s not worth trying to upgrade all four weapon’s ATK or MGC levels, since each character will most likely have one weapon that will have their main skill anyway.)

    This is as much as I’ve been able to figure out, and I didn’t really understand most of this until very late in the game, and several discussions here on the forum with Azyleo and 1oldtymer. Hopefully what I have is basically correct :unsure:

    All your base are


    Bingo…… But there are some extra tid bits ( which I will tell you after I get some few winks ) which you need to know as to why the system caters hardcore players


    I have been trying to add crit to my god breath staff for over an hour and never got higher then 40%

    Is that the cap for crit chance or do I need to just keep trying?


    The Cap is 50%. You have to merge two or more Criticals to get a good effect.


    Thanks for the info
    What do you mean by merge thou?

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