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    I apologize if there’s a topic to post questions like this, but I haven’t found one, so:

    So, after the intro sequence, Rain is armed with a Light Sword. Obviously, a starting weapon and all… but it has the skill Blood Savior, which costs 84 SP to use (i.e. more than 2x Rain’s starting SP). Then, in the first chest in the Southern Cave (the very first dungeon of the game), I’ve obtained Estoc, a weapon with +5 atk and the skill called Prism Savior, which costs 168 SP.

    Meanwhile, the Light Sword at the shop and Light Bow Viola comes with have skills with much, much more reasonable requirements (Light Slash for 8 SP and Tri-shot for 10 SP, respectively).

    Now, I’ve read that weaponry found and not bought has randomized skills, but that doesn’t account for the 84 SP skill on the sword Rain starts with. That, and a randomizer would probably have an upper skill cap on early weapons or something to prevent such things. So, the question: is it supposed to be like this?


    Its a glitch don’t worry about it. Also the pre equipped weapon any of your character is given with always has a random skill. 50% of the time you will have broken skills with insane SP requirements.

    Blood Saviour at first can only be gotten on Blood Sword though but even a light sword can also get it.

    My Starting Light Sword had a Skill called Raid Buster which had insane SP requirements as well.

    MSG Commander

    Wow I knew the skills were random but that’s insane!

    I might recommend in this case that you buy a Light Sword, just so you’ll have a skill you can actually use. :woohoo:

    All your base are

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