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    Grinsia seems to be one of those overlooked gems from Kemco’s early days. I don’t know if it’s because of the price (it’s one of few games that still sale for $7.99, instead of $3.99 – and there’s no “Freemium” version.) πŸ™

    Anyway, like most of the earlier games, it’s more challenging than the Asdivine games or anything else that’s come out recently. So far I’ve fought 3 boss battles, and in all 3 of them I’ve had to use Potions (and in the last one, I had to use multiple “revives” because my characters kept getting KO’d.)

    Well, there’s a little trick I just figured out: In Grinsia, every location has a “Porter” (short for teleporter):


    This is true both for towns, and dungeons. When you activate the Porter, you can warp to any other location where the Porter is also active. And, Porters in dungeons seem to appear towards the end – awfully close to where you’ll find the Boss.

    So, when you’re in a dungeon and you find a Porter, warp back to the first town (Dea Town) and go rest at the Inn for 10G. Then go back to the dungeon, and on to the Boss. (You may run into one or two battles along the way, but you’ll still be well-prepared for the Boss battle!)

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    The teleporting feature is the same (and used the same way) in Cross Hearts Arcadia, but even better, as you can escape from anywhere in a dungeon (no teleporter necessary) and then instantly warp to any prior location (and back again to dungeon entrance).

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    Nice. I haven’t played that one yet; I’ll have to add it to my slowly-decreasing list of un-finished Kemco games. πŸ™‚

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    That was the first Kemco RPG I played. Did it via the 3DS port. I do have to say that I never had any trouble with it simply because enemies dropped so many healing items that I always tended to be at full health. Blood of Calamity is pretty much the same way in that regard, so far. Kind of a difference from the very hard Covenant of Solitude and the reasonably challenging Chrome Wolf.

    The porters were handy, though. I think they tended to be at the beginning and end of most dungeons. In those rare cases I felt I was running low on something, I could re-stock.

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