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    So, after I got the free Storehouse key (along ads) still on Story Quest 21, I thought my team was too weak.

    I mean, because the Lottery Tickets, their weapons were already better than those of shops, they had latest armor, I used coins for the ring which blocked abnormal status and gave it to a party member, and I was happy with their level 24.


    But I thought, “nah, this is getting boring, I don’t really really like the mechanics and the music. I’ll buy an Ultimate Seed or an Excellent seed to get an advantage.”

    But before wasting so many points, I remembered I had a storehouse key! What could I get with it?

    PS. Soul Jewel (M) gives 20 SP to everyone.


    Clarity Village

    I failed to find a storehouse on this area. Uh, there isn’t one, right?

    Iskay Town

    Swiftness Cloack (ring, SPD UP for 2~4 turns after start for All Allies)

    Soul Jewel (M)

    Speed Charger

    Gold Coin (medium sell item)

    Anemoss Town

    Bandit Shoes (Ring, Speed 10% up)

    Area Power Rebirth Stone

    Ability Seed

    Guard Bomb

    Limany Town

    Star Rod (changes appearance, Atk +220, Each turn HP/MP regen 5%, Laura) (4 slots free)

    Wizard Robe (DEF +124, INT +10%, Laura & Bernard)

    Weapon Slot Delete Stone

    Power Charger

    Diseil Town

    Abnormal Seal Amulet (Ring, immunity against status effects)

    Knight Necklace (Ring, VIT +10%)

    Soul Jewel (M)

    Soothing Ether

    Plard Town

    Defense Cloack (Ring, DEF UP for 2~4 turns after start for All Allies)

    Holy Spear (changes appearance, Atk +220, Each turn HP/MP regen 5%, Serena) (4 slots free)

    Forging Stone

    Heaven Ointment

    Zarpatt Town

    Angel’s Arrow (changes appearance, Atk +220, Each turn HP/MP regen 5%, Bernard) (4 slots free)

    Soothing Ether

    Magic Charger

    Power Bomb


    And after a while, I got an airship and visited the remaining villages.

    Nold Town

    Mental Ring (AA: MP Regen 5% turn)

    Breath Ring (AA: HP Regen 5% turn)

    Area Power Rebirth Stone

    Demondom Herbs

    Kelt Town

    Shiny Sword (changes appearance, Atk +220, Each turn HP/MP regen 5%, Grant) (4 slots free)

    Amulet Armor (Def 114, all ab. status resist 50%, STR 5% up. Grant and Serena may equip.)

    Area Power Rebirth Stone

    Gold Coin

    Uvuli Village

    Giant Bracelet (Ring, HP 20% up)

    Soul Jewel (M)

    Ability Seed

    Magic Charger


    This cover every town and village which you can instant-warp to it, which should also cover every storehouse, but the exact number of storehouses is not disclosed and therefore, I won’t mark this list as “Complete” until I’m sure that there are no “surprise! A forgotten village!” (if you understand me).

    Jesusalva / Jesusaves (Buy me a coffee!) / (Sponsor the website!)

    Make your time.

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    The only items from storehouse that I used were the Star Rod and Holy Spear.  I also use the abnormal seal amulet, but you can get those in exchange for coins.   You don’t need to buy seeds–use the power rebirth stones frequently dropped.  You can boost your attributes much faster and without the need for IAP stuff (but of course if you have the monster attract you can do so faster).

    Older, but not wiser


    Well, I actually bought an Excellent Seed. Uh, my favorite char went from 100 to 1100 HP, so I guess I don’t need to worry about party KO for a while xD

    You see, I am lazy. There’s a giantic chance that I will stop mid-way and will take months to remember of the game and having the will to resume (there are six installed games on my cellphone on that situation).


    I plan to use my Coins and Rare Coins to first, get perfect immunity against status effects. 2 from 4 members have the ring.

    Then, to get these buffs at start of battle, because usually I don’t use my time buffing myself 🙂

    Power Rebirth Stones are good, and I used them to beef up my other chars a little, but these seeds are much more powerful and instant.


    …And by last, I have some IAP currency acquired by daily login bonus and fighting. I uninstall games with three digits of unspent IAP coins (and I am almost uninstalling a couple of games I’ve finished and already hit four digits of unspent coins), so I thought, “what a waste, why not use them?”

    Unlike other games which I save IAP to unlock extra dungeons, this one only have items to make yourself stronger. Seeds were, by far, the best choice from the items, as I don’t really like grinding :>

    Jesusalva / Jesusaves (Buy me a coffee!) / (Sponsor the website!)

    Make your time.


    Your plan looks good and certainly a nice method if you are going to avoid grinding.  I had time to grind, so my approach was different, but your way is a good fit if you are going to juggle 6 games at once!

    Older, but not wiser

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