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    I guess it would be mission 52, when you need to go back in time with the 4 rings and beat Bolvo (?) again, I can not beat him!  I go to the other place where the best weapons are and struggle there too.  Any good place to quickly grind?  What level should I be at?  I need to unlock some of the final skills too, any idea where to find those items?




    You should be in the high 60’s if you want to kill Bolvo again. you should also have everyone’s soul maps maxed out. If you have any storehouse keys, i’d use it to get the storehouse at Plard Town for Selene’s holy spear. and apply a STR + effect. IF you have any KHP, Buy the critical ring and put it on Selene because she’s gonna be your main attacker for that fight.  Use the Power Rebirth Stones on Selene by raising her STR And her 5 hit fire attack. Also, use the Ability and ultimate seeds on Selene (If you dont get a boost to strength, reload the game and try again). The boss should fall if you keep selene healthy and attacking. Anti-aliment charms are also a good thing to have for Selene and Laura in particular. Grant can also help out by using his light spell to make Selene invincible for one attack and Bernard can help out with HP and MP refills via items.

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    That is why I am getting my butt kicked, I am like level 61 or 62.  Can you recommend a place to grind to the high 60s that will not take forever?

    Also, how do I add a STR + effect?

    I am close to maxing out the soul maps but there is a little key next to one of the skills that states I need an item, are those easy to find?



    Use the lottery tickets you have to get the randomized weapons first. Then on the Custom screen, select the add effect button and then select Selene’s Spear as the base weapon. Then go through the weapons and select the ones that have a dot with STR on it.  Then transplant that effect onto the base weapon along with any others you want. once you’re done transplanting effects you want, go back and select strengthen and use the forging stones to make sure you get the most out of each and every weapon.

    There is an island north of Linany where there are strong monsters that you can grind away. The Arent at Uvili is also a good place to grind at.


    As for those items, I never got any of them so they;re probably IAP lottery items.

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    As for those items, I never got any of them so they;re probably IAP lottery items.


    Yes, there are 8 IAP lottery  items for use in the Soul Maps that cannot be obtained in any other way.   You don’t need them at all, and I would not worry about completing the Soul Maps, but if you do grind, you will naturally be able fill them except for the IAP items.


    As far as grinding goes…the way I played I boosted my attributes to max by using the Rebirth Power Stones/Gemstones  that are random drops.  So all I wanted to do was blast as many monsters as fast as possible to get these stones quickly.  It seems like just about all monsters drop them equally, so picking monsters that you can auto battle in one shot is what I did.  The other option is to go after monsters that drop weapons with high “+” values, but that is slow and unnecessary.  [Just for the record, I did boost my weapons to +999.]

    Use your Power Rebirth Stones on a single soul map spot, and start with the highest value you can find for that attribute.  For example, I recall there is a +60 HP (maybe even a +70), so you can raise this to over 1000 and quickly get your character to max 9999 if you like, and the same goes for most of the other attributes.  You really don’t care about “level,” as what is important is the attribute.  I think the Rebirth Power Stones are much easier to obtain than seeds, and work well.   If you do choose to grind, it helps to have the attract item from IAP–you can go very quickly with that, and you don’t need to tackle high-level monsters to get the random drops.

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    Everyone seems to neglect mentioning the God Stat in these Kemco games; Speed.  High speed is just as important as high strength. Getting two to three attacks before the boss is better than just hitting the bosses hard.

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    True but what’s the point in easy boss fights while being too OP? The most important thing is to not get to such time where no one can even get to hit you.

    I admit that I like to grind but if there’s something I don’t have to use I don’t. Seeds should be left alone until the time when the person can’t beat the Boss on hardest difficulty. Or for post game. 

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    I were struggling with this too, but I managed to beat Bolvo the second time.

    I were on level 65 when I confront him. I unlock all the open slots on everyone’s soul map, upgrade speed, MP, and some skills like Laura’s Medical Knowledge (passive skill), healing skills, and protecting skills.


    You should also upgrade Laura’s Angel’s Tear at least once. This skill can revive you once, automatically, with 25% HP. Not much but it save you some turns.

    I mainly attack with magic like Saint Fire, Flare, Ice Wall, and Thunder Spark, and focusing my attacks to Bolvo. To inflict great damage, cast the right magic at the right time, since he occasionally changes his element. You can always cast Grant’s magic attack, though.

    Have Bernard casts his Prism Barrier everytime the effect wears off after a magic attack from the enemies, and have Laura keeps everyone’s MP at a reasonable amount (since upgrading skills means higher MP per usage), and heals with her Care when needed.

    Lastly, save some KHP to revive your party if they are completely defeated, especially when Bolvo only has below 15% HP (this happens to me >.<)

    I hope this help.


    I have the earth & water rings but I can’t find the other two how do you get them??? I’ve tried everything and still can’t locate them??

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    I agree with the speed stat! It’s really important. There’s nothing worse than watching your team die without getting a chance to hit back!


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