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    I’m like lvl 93 and had gotten all holy weapons ( which was a huge pain in my arse tbh…) But I can’t defeat him I know I need to up my stats with power stones but I can only upgrade a specific stat 1 time every hour ( i dunno why tho??? seems stupid) but I can’t kill the guy please any help would be greatly appreciated cause that’s all I have left to do (asides from maxing skills and attributes)

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    Use skill nullified magic and nullified physical each turn, cast auto revive forgot what name but it’s water skill on laura, only one character attack Satan. Dont forgot to heal each turn after laura use auto revive. use critical ring on Grant is best choice since him attack Satan alone. Must had 600 point at spd stats to do it. Hope this tactic can beat it.

    Note : upgrade nullified skill at lvl 2 cause it can be used to all column, best to build it at lvl 3 but cost mana so best stay at 2.

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    May I ask where Satan is? I defeated Lucifer and thought that he was the toughest boss in this game.

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    Can we confirm that this is Lucifer, and there’s not a seperate boss called Satan? Lucifer is



    the boss at the end of Envy Shrine.

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