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    Okay, so…



    I beat Bolvo, went to Chronus Space, beat Bolvo up again, and then had that ending. Is that it? No other ending?  The reason I’m asking is that after I won it, there was no “save your game and access the postgame content” option.


    If that’s indeed all there is, I’m extremely disappointed, in both the fight and the ending.  That said, I’ll put up a review and give some suggestions as to how to powerlevel in this game soon.





    Is there any harder optional boss than Lucifer at the end of Envy Shrine? I beat him, I beat two shiny bosses (the griffon thing and the underwater one), and the optional underwater area. Is that it? That’s plenty mind you – in my opinion – unlike that terrible ending.


    yep, that’s it.  From something I posted awhile back:


    Are there any optional bonus dungeons aside from the true ending one?

    Not as far as I know.  You don’t even save “clear” data, etc.  You get the true ending, that shows in the achievements, but nothing new opens.

    EDIT: In fact, I tried both “Continue” and “Load” operations, looked around, even refought the final battle, and nothing changed.

    Older, but not wiser


    Okay so


    Chronus Space

    was actually the post-game dungeon? That would make sense, since it would make


    Envy Shrine

    the optional superdungeon. The bosses in it sure were hard enough to be.

    I think I was thrown off for two reasons:


    One, the ‘fake ending’ did not strike me as anything like a real ending, just as a timeskip. Two, the actual ending was VERY underwhelming. Lucas talks about going in time to save the other Rulers, and I thought that it actually might be the actual final dungeon, but … nope. He does it himself. WHY? He steals the spotlight in the very ending?

    Terrible writing.

    Now, as far as levelling methods are concerned… I’ll put it here:

    To Become Overpowered

    Get a Critical Ring, preferably put it on Grant. Use his all-target AoE or his multi-hit single target on all the metal enemies at the first part of Envy Shrine until you unlock all the Soul Maps, and get huge exp in the meantime.

    Then once you’re that strong, go to Kelt Town arena, the 2nd to last. They give Reset Stones. Find the best Soul Map for the particular stat you want – The highest one. While you’re grinding Reset Stones, Power Rebirth Stones will drop. Use the Reset Stone on the same slot and then a Power Rebirth Stone, over and over. You can get it to +100 in any particular stat, and pick and choose what stats you want to max out. Saving your weapons and forging +stats always helps.

    To beat Lucifer I mostly suggest maxing out everyone’s HP, Grant’s STR and everyone’s SPD. I think everything else is optional, especially if you have a bunch of healing items.

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