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    These codes are allowed in the forums, although many of them can be selected from the visual editor just as well:


    [b]Bold Text[/b] Bold Text
    [i]Italic[/i] Italic
    [s]Strikethrough[/s] Strikethrough
    [color=#ff0000]Color[/color] Red Text (other colors can be chosen as well, but must be 6-digit CSS values)
    [size=18]18-point font[/size] 18-point font (change the # to change the font size)
    [b][i][color=#008000][size=18]Bold, Italic, Green 18-point font[/color][/size][/i][/b] Bold, Italic, Green 18-point font
    [center]Align Center[/center]
    Align Center
    [left]Align Left[/left]
    Align Left
    [right]Align Right[/right]
    Align Right
    [quote]Quote Text[/quote]

    This lets you quote text (without quoting the author)

    [url]Full URL[/url]
    [url url=””]Clickable Text Link[/url] RPG Insanity

    All your base are

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    MSG Commander

    Also allowed are: Spoilers, Images, and Youtube!

    For placing spoilers:
    [spoiler]For hiding text or images[/spoiler]

    This text is hidden.
    (Note: [spoiler title=”Title] will change the title inside the spoiler, as demonstrated below.

    For placing images:


    For sharing Youtube videos:
    [youtube url=””]
    (Though, it’s easier to just copy and paste the URL directly into your message.)

    Youtube videos

    All your base are

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    MSG Commander

    Last but not least: Lists, Tabs and Tables

    Ordered and Unordered Lists
    [li]Item 1[/li]
    [li]Item 2[/li]
    [li]Item 3[/li]
    1. Item 1
    2. Item 2
    3. Item 3
    [li]Item 1[/li]
    [li]Item 2[/li]
    [li]Item 3[/li]
    • Item 1
    • Item 2
    • Item 3

    Set it upAdditional tabsEnding tabs
    To set up tabs:

    First tab:
    [tab title=”tab 1″]
    Enter your text
    Each additional tab:
    [tab title=”next in line”]
    Enter your text
    To close it all up:
    Make sure you use both /tab and /tabs!
    Otherwise your browser will still be waiting for the last tab to be closed, and the whole thing won’t display properly.
    (I know, because I did it.  😳 )

    [tr]First row
    td]First row, first column[/td]
    [td]First row, second column[/td]
    [tr]Second row
    [td]Second row, first column[/td]
    [td]Second row, second column[/td]

    First row, first column First row, second column
    Second row, first column Second row, second column

    All your base are

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    MSG Commander

    And that’s all… that I know of.  :mrgreen:

    If I come across any others – or if there are any short codes you’d like to see added – I’ll update this list. (Though if I can’t figure out how to create the code, I may not be able to accommodate every request.)

    All your base are

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