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    Well, the short answer is – don’t. (Just edit your reply to say “Message deleted by user.”) Followed by a  😈  (j/k)

    Long technical reason why:

    For whatever reason, this forum software is set up (as most probably are) to display a certain number of replies per page, and then once you reach that limit, to post the very next reply on the following page.

    However, it’s almost as if the “page” becomes a permanent part of that reply’s URL (for example, a post on page 3 will, as far as this forum is concerned, always and only be located at forum/topic/posts/page/3/reply#)

    Why does this matter? Because, when you delete a reply in the middle of page 2, the forum automatically moves the first post on page 3, to the last post on page 2. BUT – the forum still thinks that post is on page 3, and, if that post is also the last post in that topic, then when you click on “Last Post,” it tries to load that first post on page 3, and there’s nothing there.

    Now, I can fix all of that manually (and have already done so on a few topics that I’ve cleaned up) – but, I have to know that topics or replies have been deleted, before I go in and fix it all. Since I can’t monitor every topic to make sure that all the individual links are still lined up properly, the only other option is to deny members from flat out deleting their own posts.

    But since you can always edit your post, it works almost as well to just delete the text and replace it with “nothing to see here; move along” or some equally silly but short phrase to let people know that reply was deleted.

    P.S. Moderators should still be able to delete replies, and in fact will delete spam mercilessly, but hopefully won’t delete other stuff until I work out how to handle the same issue of needing to manually fix the URLs.

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