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    I’ve opened the forum for posting xlxs spreadsheets as attachments. This will enable sharing of more detailed spreadsheets, tables, lists, etc.

    Anyone can post any spreadsheet they want (as long as it’s game related, obviously). By posting your spreadsheets here, you give permission for other users to download them, and for any information therein to be used for walkthrough pages. (I’ll try to credit the OP with at least providing the information, but ultimately I think that “authorship” for walkthrough pages belongs to whoever actually submits the page.)

    My hope is that this will make it easier to share and to collect more information for each game, in a more timely manner.

    P.S. If the xlxs extension doesn’t work for whatever software you use, I can add other extensions as well. I don’t use spreadsheets (I just create tables on-site), so I don’t know what the common file types are… (also, because I don’t use them, it took me this long to realize the value in letting everyone post them.) 😛

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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