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    Well I beat the boss for the first ending. and well now I’m fighting dogwood again and his team is beefy yes beefy as in if I land 3 12500 attacks at once barely a dent in their HP. Usually after getting the first ending and in the process of getting the true ending a NPC would give you a quest mentioning weapons that would help you on your journey.

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    I never played past the first ending, so I really don’t know if there are ultimate weapons or not. Hopefully someone else will be able to tell us…

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    Welp time for dios XD


    The best weapons can be obtained in the post-game as rewards for defeating the optional “challenge” monsters.  See the details in the posting for “Special Monster Drops.”

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    Dont forget to abuse Ferio’s anti-metal monster skill. You”re gonna be busy with grinding for a good while if you want any hope of demolishing the metal monsters.

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    this battle is the first in the post game where the difficulty rise without any logic above anything previously seen. although i didn’t grind i arrive at level 66 to the trio. the only way i found without having any special weapon was to buff 2 times attack and defense. i killed first the 2 lovers on the column and let the tank for the end. fact is that he is longer and the spell of the sorceress was more important to stop (you can use nullify magic but you cannot mass heal when doing that).

    after that all subsequent boss were beaten thanks to the buff. it’s the same principle except for there is only 1 and not 3…

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