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    i already finish it with “normal end”

    but, no clue for get true ending….

    maybe i must do something or what.


    Hmm lets see, if my memory serves me right, getting the true ending in this game, you must choose the second option during the final battle. Also it is quite a hassle to get the real ending, since you have to replay the through that point.


    this the spoiler i found on gamefaqs,
    the differences between first playthrough will be shown.

    The history of how WE-5018 survived the war.
    The boulder can be moved when Estelle join the party in Callum Village, one

    of them has STR pallete

    Exorcism Bell is available along with the cloth of the bad guys is Bidahyl


    Some more cutscenes for Estelle and Vincent.
    If Jude and Rietta can be defeated at first encounter, they yield hordes of

    gold, exp and goodies, including SPD Capsule.

    Kanbio Prison and Balco Woods has more explorable place, with more Gaia

    gears, Rondylites and even phoenix eggs.

    Rondylites can be trade for equipment at Caesius, npc near the innkeeper.
    True ending IF and only IF final confrontation, Luke puts the

    statue away, fight a soup-up version boss, then the phrase “I believe in

    i still don’t understand about “statue” part…. where and “put the statue away” is choice? or item?

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    Even I don’t understand what he meant by statue actually. Just do the second play through and see what you come up with.


    Meh I still have this didn’t beat it yet and also I heard the final boss is a a pain in the butt and cheap

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    This games bosses was nothing compared to kresia. I found infinte dunamis easy.


    After defeating the normal form of WE-5018, select “Put the statue away”. This will not heal your team and difficulty of the true WE-5018 form will increase. Defeat it and select “Esther, I believe in you” It’s the only way to reach the true ending. ^^

    Spoiler contains what happens in the true ending.

    The true ending = Luke and Esther got married.

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    Thanks MSG for the warm welcome. ^^

    Happy to contribute what I know. 😀


    This games bosses was nothing compared to kresia. I found infinte dunamis easy.

    Journey to Kreisia started to spike in difficulty before the halfway point, and was definitely harder overall.

    However, the final boss of Infinite Dumanis is absurdly powerful when compared to every other storyline boss in the game. My team got slaughtered at level 60, on normal difficulty.

    On the positive side, the “bad ending” of Infinite Dumanis (lose to the final boss, first playthrough) is definitely worth seeing.

    Time to level grind for another try at the “normal ending”…

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