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    Decided the game needed a review – I might be harsher than some but I think I did it justice.



    I finished the game 100% except for getting all the entries and mastering all the weapons – I finished all the quests, beat all the arenas, beat the secret superboss (twice), and got the True Ending, and did it all on Hard mode.


    Will upload pics later

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    Bravo! Very nice review. Had to agree with almost all the points stated in the review (including that pesky “play the game again to view the true ending”). Keep it up.

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    That’s an awesome review! Thanks @beefandtomatoesΒ  😎

    All your base are


    Enjoyed reading the Review πŸ™‚ And I’m about to finally see the whole Asdivine Cross story (It’s because a long time ago I didn’t really try to fully beat it.. At least I know that Critical on all weapons will be the First Thing I’ll do πŸ™‚

    π•―π–Šπ–†π–™π– π–ˆπ–†π–“ π–π–†π–›π–Š π–’π–Š π–œπ–π–Šπ–“ π–Žπ–™ π–Šπ–†π–—π–“π–˜ π–’π–Š.

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    Cross is my most ultimate uber head-and-shoulders-above-the-rest favorite Kemco game.



    Thanks for the review. That game is on my list.Β  I’ll reread your review to refresh my memory to see if I still want to play it later or if it has any updates/improvements.

    Did you play freeium? Is it worth its purchase price? After reading your review, I’m thinking it’s not worth purchasing, but I’d rather hear it from you than assume it.



    Thank you for the review. I was wondering how much level grinding was required for the Infinite Dumanis optional superboss; apparently it’s “a ton more than the final boss”, and “grind until all your stats are maxed out”.

    I also see you recommend Asdivine Cross. Interesting…

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