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    The first time I tried to play Infinite Dumanis, I stopped playing almost immediately because its misanthropic jerk hero annoyed me. I’m giving it another chance now.

    Infinite Dumanis was made before the other Exe-Create games I’ve played, and the limitations placed on certain convenient features (which are unlimited in later games) is quite noticeable. For example, healing circles require a consumable to use. Retrying a lost battle also requires a consumable.

    The feature I miss the most is an in-game sidequest list. I would like to offer a thank-you to RPG Insanity and to 3beez for providing one.

    EDIT1: …ok, apparently there is an in-game sidequest list; I just didn’t see how to access it at first. The sidequest to kill 12 boars takes way too long though. I miss having some kind of item to force encounters with every step.

    EDIT2: The Phoenix Egg consumable doesn’t allow failed battles to be retried; it just averts a Game Over, and puts the entire party back on the map at 1 hp.

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