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    I’ve finished the true ending for Infinite Dunamis on my 3DS recently and while looking up good ways to grind for the superboss I noticed someone on a GameSpot thread mention an accessory called a Gold Opal that increases money gain which I really want so I can buy arena coins to get the really good armor you can get at the coin exchange. I can’t seem to find it anywhere on the chest guide on the Item List, does anyone know where I can get one? I’m guessing it’s either an enemy drop item or maybe exclusive to the mobile version, if anyone knows I would greatly appreciate it, thank you!

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    I doubt this will help you (I didn’t play this game yet although at the moment I’ve been playing KEMCO games one after another, so far 3 titles finished in a couple of weeks) and from what I’ve seen (on mobile) accessories for Gold/EXP buff are in IAP Shops in the game.. But I heard they usually make changes on other platforms so the things that are IAP can be bought in one way or another (If you get 1 point of something at end of x fights there must be a shop where you can spend it on and Gold Opal may be there (Of coarse I’d love to help by downloading game and checking but on Play Store it’s unavalable or my phone won’t launch it.)


    @1oldtymer might be able to help just like for me in many games.

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    When I played Infinite Dunamis on the 3DS, my impression was that the cash shop was completely removed from the game; all cash shop items were inaccessible. It was one of Exe-Create’s first 3DS ports, if not the first, released about a year before Journey to Kreisia.

    The 3DS version of Journey to Kreisia let the player grind “Kreisia points” to buy overpowered cash shop items (like, say, a ring that lets a character act twice whenever they get a turn). Unlike Journey to Kreisia and many, many later 3DS or console ports of Exe-Create games, the 3DS version of Infinite Dunamis doesn’t let the player grind a special “points” currency to buy cash shop items.

    I’m told the optional superboss in Infinite Dunamis basically requires maxed out stats to beat, so I didn’t try. Just grinding levels was tedious enough.

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