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    [Talisman] is a magical tool that bestows great power. 
    The superlative Talisman who will grant any wish
    It is said that it exists somewhere in this world.
    Cronus, a boy who trains as a magician, Selene, a sister-in-law who longs for him as her brother,
    He is involved in a great plot over Talisman.


    Best of Kemco: Legend of the Tetrarchs and Monochrome Order.

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    English release:


    Best of Kemco: Legend of the Tetrarchs and Monochrome Order.

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    Both free and premium available now in the Play Store.

    Older, but not wiser


    Switch Release this week:

    Infinite Links Is The Latest KEMCO RPG Heading To Switch

    From developer EXE-CREATE

    Ever since the 3DS eShop, in particular, KEMCO has been a prolific publisher on Nintendo’s download stores. It’s continued this run on Switch, with a varied mix of titles but a particularly heavy focus on RPGs, which is undoubtedly welcome for fans of the genre. The next is now confirmed for the eShop (along with PlayStation and Xbox) –Β Infinite LinksΒ arrives on 12th May priced at $14.99USD (and regional equivalents), with a 10% pre-order discount.

    Released on mobile in October 2021, to positive user reviews, it seems to have decent depth and mechanics to utilise through its adventure. Some of the official blurb for the game is below:

    Talismans are magical items that contain great power, even with some that can grant any desire. Kronos, a boy training as a wizard, and Serene, who consider one another as siblings, become enveloped in a Talisman conspiracy. Will they be able to save themselves and the world from the threatening danger?

    Equip Talismans to the Skill Board to acquire skills and fatal moves to turn the tides in turn-based battles. Forging and upgrading weapons, armor and Talismans from materials will grant you additional advantages. There are also strategic elements with battle formations and traps, and not to mention the variety of quests, arena and monster achievements that await as challenges!

    Are you ready to save the world once more in an EXE-CREATE RPG? If so there’s not long to wait.


    Best of Kemco: Legend of the Tetrarchs and Monochrome Order.

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