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    MSG Commander

    Well, it’s been some time in the works now… but I’ve just finished publishing a complete location walkthrough for this game (up to Normal End) written by our very own Azyleo!

    As I did with the Grinsia walkthrough, I played through the entire game while following the guide, and I’ll post a screenshot in “Stat Collectors” but I finished the Normal End (on Easy) in just under 14 hours.

    We’ll also be adding the World Map page and a Skill List to the walkthrough section for this game (hopefully over the weekend.)

    Three THOUSAND cheers for Azyleo! (Because sometimes, just “three” isn’t enough…) šŸ˜›

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    I have only checked the pages about how getting to cammer, so I’m not sure if I can generalize, but as far as I noticed, this walkthrough doesn’t covers the treasure maps hidden on wooden boxes.

    Jesusalva / Jesusaves


    They do actually lol. It was better to remove how to get those treasures on the map since they are randomized for everyone.

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    Wait, really? You mean that all of the treasures we see in the game are random?

    We don't make mistakes. We just have happy accidents.

    MSG Commander

    Wait, really? You mean that all of the treasures we see in the game are random?

    I think they mean that the “Treasure Maps” that you can find in boxes or water pots are random. (Or rather, the treasure you dig up at each location.)

    Treasure chests in towns and dungeons are fixed.

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    Wait, treasure maps? In wooden boxes and water vases? Never heard of it. It seem I’ll have to make a huge backtrack… Or wait for the new game+. lol

    Edit: Nevermind, I’ll start over. Looking forward to do so with the guide. :p

    Hello from Brazil. šŸ˜€

    MSG Commander

    Yeah, throughout the game you can find “Treasure Maps.” You have to search empty wood boxes and large water pots. Once you have a Treasure Map in your possession, viewing the World Map will show a large treasure chest (sort of like “X marks the spot.”)

    When you go to that area, you’ll see a shining star. If you have a Dig Set (you can buy them in the Item Shop), you can dig up the buried treasure there.

    NOTE: You can only have ONE Treasure Map in your inventory at a time. So if you have one, and you find another one, you won’t be able to take the new one until you’ve dug up the treasure that corresponds to the first one.

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    What Jesusalva said was that I have not listed about the treasure maps which are found in wooden boxes and water pots, which I have, I just didn’t list the treasures that appear on Map, because those are randomized of everyone. Atleast thats what I found.

    MSG Commander

    I’m working through the New Game+ and just got the airship. I’ve taken note of every Treasure Map I’ve found thus far, and just collected all the treasure.

    Here’s my results; if other people get the same treasures, we can post this in the walkthrough and/or as a separate page in Hints and Tips.

    Treasure Maps by Location
    1. Rest Stop

    – Talk to the Varg on the right side of the Rest Stop to receive your first Treasure Map.
    – Treasure location: North of West Breezy Woods (next to a lake). Reward: Ore (S) x1

    2. Town of Hudor

    – Search the water pots on the second floor of the Inn.
    – Treasure location: Kerhn Village / Cave of Solum vicinity. Reward: Vitality Orb x6

    3. Capital City

    – Wooden box in the northwest corner of town (next to the building north of the Inn)
    – Treasure location: between Rest Stop and Town of Hudor. Reward: Burst Cake x10

    – “Talk” to the northernmost sheep in the city
    – Treasure location: desert area north of the capital. Reward: Discovery Orb

    4. Shrine of Radiance

    – Wooden box on the second screen
    – Treasure location: North of Capital City (en route to Ophidian’s Den). Reward: Experience Flower x14

    5. Trystelia Castle

    – Bedroom all the way to the west in the back of the castle
    – Treasure location: Directly south of Capital City. Reward: Resurrect Pie x12

    – Water pot in the southwest secret passage.
    – Treasure location: North of Capital City (en route to Ophidian’s Den). Reward: Ore (S) x3

    6. Village of Roesch

    – Water pot on the west side of town
    – Treasure location: Southeast of Capital City. Reward: Vitality Drop x2

    – Wooden box inside the Inn
    – Treasure location: Northeast of Roesch. Reward: HP Drop x14

    7. Town of Cammer

    – Wooden box in the Weapons Shop
    – Treasure location: Top of the world. Reward: SP Drop x18

    – Third water pot to the left after you follow the path around the wooden platform
    – Treasure location: Northwest top of the world. Reward: Miracle Cake x16

    8. Apostle Headquarters

    – Open crate behind the Inn.
    – Treasure location: Southeast of Capital City in the inner sea. Reward: STR Drop x18

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    Well, I can only check maybe three items from memory, but if I recall correctly, albeit I have no idea about the reward, it seems correct. Both map location and treasure location too.
    Probably better if someone else checks it too.

    Jesusalva / Jesusaves

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