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    I’m playing the 3ds version and despite telling me that I’d need to transfer weapon levels to use skills with a new weapon, I have access to all previously earned skills right off the bat. Anyone else finding random little things like this?


    Can you elaborate on what you’re seeing? maybe take a screenshot?

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    On some weapons you have access to previous skills, even without transferring points, its normal. The only difference the transfer system makes, is that you are jumping to a completely different tier of weapon, say, from Knife to the Holy Brand or when you need extra fire power from new weapons.


    Azyleo’s answer seems to cover it but for clarity(spoilers):

    I was in the last dungeon and when I got the Holy Brand back to working I put it back on without thinking and jumped into the next fight. But even though I had left all my skill points on my old Fluffy Saber, Yusis had all his skills available.

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