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    Since Journey to Kreisea was on sale for Google Play, I went ahead and gave it a try. It’s been a week and managed to reach the True End’s boss(forgot that guy’s name…). Just like this “pre-God” form, he simply spams skills until I die. I have a bad feeling the max level is 99…

    So….how am I supposed to beat him(or get the extra levels)? Is the final battle just for endurance?

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    url derp. Too used to Reddit…
    Although I plan to try to get the good ol’ Kemco lvl 999, I don’t know exactly where to grind and how to get the bracket levels(also, a place to grind seeds will also be appreciated!)

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    Yeah, saw that literally an hour or so after posting this. Wasn’t sure to remove the thread or not 😛

    Currently doing MSG’s metal island grind.


    I wanted to complete my walkthrough, but a certain friend of mine deleted my game as an attempt of prank, and basically I cant complete it now, even though I know how to beat the boss.

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