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    MSG Commander

    Okay, so I just downloaded this game. Have not played yet AT ALL; but the screen shots and video on Google Play make it look very appealing.

    Plus, in the description it says “40+ hours of gameplay.”

    40+ ?!?!?!?!?!?!

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think all other games are listed as 20+ hours, or less?

    This game might keep me busy until Thanksgiving. :silly:

    All your base are

    MSG Commander

    Alright so I’ve played for about an hour – the game does seem promising. It reminds me a whole lot of Bonds of the Skies (almost like a sequel, except it’s Guardian Beasts instead of gods), so if you enjoyed Bonds of the Skies, you’ll probably like this one.

    The menu interface is totally new. Instead of lists, everything is represented by a picture on the menu screen:

    I think it’s pretty cool.

    The one thing I don’t like though is the image size. They only fit about half as much “dungeon” onto the screen as they do in games like Bonds of the Skies or Machine Knight (think the first Alphadia) so it makes it kind of hard to keep track of where you’ve been:

    Also, the battle screen doesn’t show your party members actually fighting (similar to Bonds of the Skies and Machine Knight). I’m not a fan of this kind of battle system, but I can deal with it…

    But the story has got me intrigued – enough so that I’m willing to keep playing, anyway.

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    I Think I should try this game. I wasn’t a fan of Bond in the Skies but I am A Fan of Machine Knight. Should I buy it?

    MSG Commander

    I don’t know yet if I can recommend it.

    I’m enjoying it so far but I’m only an hour or so in. It has the same feel as both Bond of the Skies and Machine Knight, and it’s got crafting (except you can craft from the Menu, instead of having to go to a blacksmith) so I don’t know. I can say I’m liking it more than I thought I would – but I also thought I would like Seven Sacred Beasts until I got about three hours into that game, and then I thought it was just a waste of time, so it’s just too early for me to give a recommendation one way or the other.

    I’d say maybe check the reviews on Google Play and Kemco’s Facebook page over the next few days?

    Sorry I can’t be more helpful at the moment.

    All your base are


    I Can Wait a Few Days or Weeks. Then Maybe You can write a review, then I will decide whether I should buy it or not. Because right now, Google play and Facebook Dont really have the reviews right now.

    MSG Commander

    Okay here’s my quick impression and then I’m off to bed. I’ve basically been playing this all night now and I have to force myself to turn it off.

    The game shares some elements with Machine Knight, Bonds of the Skies – and Crystareino. (I don’t believe the story is at all along the lines of Crystareino, but it has that same kind of ominous feeling about it.)

    The first two hours are “okay” and so I was like, “Well, it looks really nice, and feels really polished, but I don’t know how long I can play this….” The battles are all pretty easy – even the early boss battles aren’t hard.

    But then at a certain point somewhere between 2 to 3 hours, they throw some surprises into the plot, you get a full party (well, fuller anyway), and the battles get harder. The last boss I fought, I had to fight four times before I finally beat it.

    Now, there’s a lot I still don’t understand about the game mechanics. For example each party member gets a “Guardian” beast that fights alongside with them – and somehow you can “pre-set” what kind of actions their guardian will take, but you don’t have any control over the guardians when you’re actually in battle. At least as far as I know…

    Also you’re supposed to be able to strengthen and evolve weapons and armor but so far I’ve only been able to strengthen. Then there’s Magic Meteorites – stones that you can equip on a party member and “learn” the spells for that stone, and then somehow equip the stone to someone else but have the stone still “remember” the spells you’ve learned… I don’t know how else to explain it just now.

    Plus there’s a lot of stuff in the main menu that I haven’t even unlocked yet.

    So, with all that, and the drawbacks I mentioned earlier (plus the fact that there’s no walking around on a World Map), I can now say I can see myself playing this game for DAYS… Kemco says 40+ hours of gameplay, and I’m not at all sure how that’s gonna work out (since that’s about twice as long as all their other games), but I’m definitely into this game.

    I think it’s going to turn out to be really, really good.

    I’ll post more on my opinion in a couple days, unless I play for another hour tomorrow and all of the sudden I’m like, “No, this game is garbage” – but honestly I don’t see that happening.

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    Wow 40+ Hours of Gameplay. Thats The Lengith of a game for AAA RPG titles. Anyways I Will Wait A Little More, and see how it goes though. And If This Game Has Fleshed Out Mechanics then I am Sold.

    MSG Commander


    Eight hours into the game and I’m mad because I have to stop playing long enough to post this update! πŸ˜›

    You WANT to buy this game. After about seven hours you make it to the second “world” (you start underground, and so the second world is just going back to the surface, but when you do the story becomes even more interesting.)

    Two things – the Boss battles are crazy. Each of your party members has a Guardian Beast who fights alongside you, but you don’t control the beasts. So, sometimes they’ll randomly use a really awesome attack skill and practically annihilate the boss for you, and sometimes that same boss will kill your entire party before the Guardian Beasts “decide” to do anything amazing. :sick:

    Second, the dungeon maps get increasingly complex. I am going to HAVE to make maps of almost every dungeon, just so I, myself, don’t get lost. :blink:

    Now, on to more of the good points:

    Crafting is really cool. You gather materials in the dungeons (and later some materials become available to buy in the shops), and then you craft your weapons and armor from the Main Menu. The weapons shop ONLY sells the first level gear, so to make it stronger, you HAVE to craft (which can be bothersome because it takes time to collect the materials, but I like the way they do it in this game.)

    The dialogue is almost perfect. And there’s tons of well-timed jokes and innuendo (and overall it’s all in good taste – not like Blood of Calamity where I’m like “I don’t know if I should let my 11-year-old nephew play this one”.) Some of it’s suggestive, but it’s not distasteful.

    Music is good (pretty much I think they just reused all the music from Crystareino – but there may be some new tracks, I don’t know).

    The story, so far, is pretty solid. There’s LOTS of “mystery” going on behind the scenes, and times when I’m like “oh, no, don’t tell me that person is plotting something evil…”

    I’ve gotten used to the battle system and I like it more than I did at first. I still don’t totally understand it all. But, a lot of random encounters CAN be won on Auto but they just take longer and you’ll suffer more damage. Or, you can use a bit of strategy, and find the right skills to use to end the battle in two or three rounds.

    There are also Boss-like monsters in several dungeons, that when you first encounter them they are far too powerful to even think about fighting. But they all block a “later” part of that dungeon, which I presume has some really awesome treasure (I haven’t beat any of them yet so I’m not sure.)

    Anyway, at the 8 hour mark, I’m officially hooked. I think this may be their best game since Crystareino – maybe even better than Crystareino (and I really LOVED that game!)

    My only fear is that the game could be way too long for me (with really long games I usually get to a point where I’m like, “Okay I’m ready for this to end now.”) Even so, I’m definitely playing this one all the way through.

    Oh, and here’s two more screenshots (both from the second “world.”)

    Basic random encounter, but I think the Shaman in particular looks really cool:

    How could you not endorse a game, when the Inn has a poster on the wall that says “BEER”

    P.S. I’m telling my nephew when he gets out of school today that he’s GOT to buy this game… and I don’t often do that (usually I just let him try it out on my device first, so he can see if he’s interested, but this one, I KNOW he’s going to want.)


    All your base are


    Alright Bought it and Now Downloading( Might take some time as my wifi is running slower than a tortoise ).
    That was very informative. Glad I asked. I heard the battles are animated just like Machine Knight.
    Now thats what I like, fleshed out dungeons and gameplay mechanics are always good to me. Many few newer kemco games had fleshed out dungeons and gameplay( Toe to toe with a good story ). And Boss like monsters crawling in dungeons….SIGN ME UP.And wow the game is colorful and the enemies look great aswell. Well Hitpoint does indeed make good games. And I see they havent lost it aswell.
    Anyways the Second World Had me intrigued. I will try the game out ( When my download completes. Please dont fail midway ).


    Have you guys finished this game?
    In 40 hours?

    Will start playing this too tomorrow when i have time off

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