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    MSG Commander

    No, I’ve been playing for a solid 30 hours (plus 3 or 4 hours I’ve logged while taking screen shots to make maps.)

    I believe I’ve reached the final boss but I’m nowhere near being able to beat him.

    Just a heads up, some of the Boss battles are incredibly hard unless you’ve crafted all your armor and weapons to the highest level currently available. (In my opinion armor may be your priority, as you really need the added defense…)

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    this game is the sequel of mystic chronicles. there is a scene with one of the character in it + the bonus material boss are the same, only the name of the ultimate boss changes.

    machine knight seems more or less related to bond of skies because of the spirit gods but the names are different in english (except for ingrem ?) so it’s more difficult to be sure.

    both games are great.

    Android is unique

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    MSG Commander

    I think Machine Knight just uses the same basic game engine – but I guess I haven’t looked at the games really closely.

    Out of all of them though, Justice Chronicles is my favorite.   😉

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    Side note: Death Graton, on Verdant Forest Depths, drops Dissolving Stone.


    Couldn’t find a good place to report this.

    Jesusalva / Jesusaves

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