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    MSG Commander

    Okay, I just beat the boss in the Realm of Swelling Darkness. (FINALLY!) :woohoo:

    This battle is no joke. Everyone in my party was level 73, the battle took at least 20 minutes, and half my party is dead. But, I won!

    Here’s the gear I had equipped:

    Claymore +5; Gigant Mail +2

    Lancer +1; Dragon Scale

    Double Dragon Sword; Moonlight Robe

    Bewitched Dignity Flower +3; Dragonscale Dress

    Brionac +2; Gigant Mail +2

    Rising +1; Hard Scale +1

    Half my Guardian Beasts didn’t even any equipment (and the other half, their equipment was very poor, early game stuff)

    The key to survival is to keep everyone at full health. (Literally, use healing magic or items every round or YOU WILL DIE.) :ohmy:

    I’m not going to give away the name of the boss (although it shouldn’t be any big surprise). I will say that what happens after the boss battle… well, THAT is one surprise I’m definitely not going to give away yet. (Perhaps someday I’ll put it in a spoiler in the official walkthrough, but right now I don’t want to ruin the end for anyone who’s currently playing.)

    After the credits you get to save your game and start a new game from AFTER the boss battle (so there is more to the story that I have yet to complete.)

    Also, I’ve done most but not all of the witches requests, and there are still a few dungeon bosses I haven’t defeated yet (like the Blue Dragon in the Forest of Purity – oh I hate that guy!)

    It took me 43 hours to reach the point, but that probably includes 3 or 4 hours of taking screen shots to work on maps, plus almost another 10 hours of grinding, and doing requests, trying to craft my weapons and armor. So give or take 5 hours or so. No idea how long the bonus content will take.

    Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for now.

    All your base are


    Finished the Game. Including Second Ending.
    All Characters are Level 87 except for Vil and Anne. Almost All Skills Maxed. All Shell Lapis Except for Rooselevy Set to Guidance. All Strong Accessories Equipped To Shell Lapis

    Ragnarok +5, Gigant Mail +3

    Wandering Witch +5, Dragon Scale +3

    Last Weapon ( Forgot Name ) +5, Moonlight Robe +3

    Brionc +3, Gigant mail

    Bewitched Dignity Flower +5, Dragonscale Dress +3

    Didnt care for her lol

    First ending was good. Will not spoil the last though.

    Play through Till First Ending 30hours
    Playthrough for Last Ending 33 hours.
    Final Boss Wasnt Really Quite The Worth of Grind Except For Its( I used It, I wont specify the Gender ) high attack, it was very weak to Physical And Holy Attacks. Highly Strong Against all Others.

    MSG Commander

    Cool, sounds like I’ve got a couple more hours to go.

    One thing I forgot to mention for anyone who hasn’t fought the boss for the first ending – the boss uses Flinching a LOT (like almost every turning), and if it hits a character, they basically lose their turn.

    I didn’t even have any good accessories, but I highly recommend equipping the Indomitable Ring to protect against Flinching.

    All your base are

    MSG Commander



    Did you do all the witches requests? If so, (and if you remember the battles) would you mind creating a topic with strategies for the Copper Dragon, the Pancho in the Forest of Purity (don’t remember his exact name), and some of the other high-level dungeon bosses?

    There are some I can’t beat, and I don’t know if it’s because I’m too low level or because I’m not using the right strategy?

    All your base are


    Some Tips On The Second Ending Boss.
    First, It is very Cheap. Its Cheapness in Attacks and Damage Knows No Bounds. Copper Dragon Is Nothing Compared to this guy.
    He will ways have 3 turns. Its Speed Increases When Only Quarter of its HP remains.
    He Will always use Hell Rain On the First Turn, Followed By Either Darkness Bomb, Coffin, Storm. Hell rain basically Returns All Status and Parameters To Normal For Both Allies and Enemies. It Will Automatically Use it Again on 10th or so Turn or When His HP Goes Half.
    He Will Use a Skill Named Darkness Bomb Alot and IT WILL deal more than 1300 Damage Regardless of Armor. It can Even Use this Three Times In Row.It Has a Chance To Cause Poison Status.
    It Will and it Always Will Target Alia First For Unknown Reasons.
    His Storm Attack Deals Heaven Damage and Can Cause Either Flinch or Paralysis or Sleep. This Like Darkness Bomb For Unknown Reasons always does more than 1300 Damage Even With Heaven Armor Equipped.
    Its AGI is Almost ON PAR with Fred and Anne. Fred Will Always Get the First Turn if you are above level 80. No other character gets the first turn.

    Now The Interesting Part:
    Its Weak To Physical and VERY VERY WEAK TO HOLY. Alia is Your Damage Dealer Here. However she also cant heal at the same time. For that You need the Cure Meteorite and Its Skill “All-Cure” Leveled upto atleast 5( Just Keep Using the skill in battle, it will automatically level up ).
    Equip that Meteorite to Fred ( Because He Always Gains the First Turn ). Or You Can Equip Holy Meteorite and level Shine to level 7-8 and equip it on Fred and Leave The Healing to Alia.

    Have Kline or anyother Use BUFF Or DeBUFF Skills. You absolutely Need Quick Spoil. Also He Will also work as Potion Tosser. Just Keep Everyones HP over Half.

    Poalo is Almost Useless Here. She Has The Lowest AGI and HP and Well She Always Dies.

    Also A Fully BUFFED Cross Brink Will Automatically Bring the Bosses HP to Half πŸ˜‰

    And Well You Need Luck. Because Like I Said This Boss Is Totally Cheap. And Just To Note even on Level 87 I died 17 times. Yeah I counted it.


    @MSG Commanders Second Post:
    I did not do all the Witches Requests Per se. I only did the material ones and some of the bosses ones. So I have plenty of dungeon bosses running around XD.

    Let me See if I remember them. I for one was able to Get 300+ DM from Farming lols. And I like bought three Evil Religion Rings and The Rings Which Highly Highly Increase ATK and MAG.

    Of I remember any strategy against any of the bosses I will create a post about them. Also I have not beat the Pancho so maybe Ill see what that guy has to offer.

    Also Just To Note. Level and Link Attacks are everything to this game. If Your Character dies, it doesn’t mean they will stay dead. You can either Swap The Party Members in the middle of Battle or obviously revive them.


    There is also a 3rd Playthrough for the 3rd Ending Aswell. I am currently trying to beat those bosses in that playthrough and boy they are tough as a nail. I think there will be a Uranus Boss Fight Aswell. But for now I dont know since you get some trials to complete.

    MSG Commander

    A 3rd ending? Okay, this game is definitely going in my top 5 (even with all the cheap bosses.) πŸ‘Ώ

    I think I’ve got enough maps that I’m going to start working on the full walkthrough now (which means saving the second and third endings until I finish writing it – but hey, that just gives me incentive to actually write the whole thing!)

    Out of curiosity, what Magic Meteorites do you recommend?

    These are the ones I had when I fought the boss for the first ending (and all of them were at Level 1, as I was more focused on the character skills at the time):

    Gushing Life Stone
    Stolen Life Stone
    Repulsing Light Stone
    Reviving Breath Stone
    Endowed Star Stone
    Shining Light Stone
    Writhing Flame Stone
    Piercing Glacier Stone
    Endowed Sword Stone
    Serpent Poison Stone
    Crushing Wall Stone
    Nightbeast Roar Stone
    Endowed Shield Stone
    Endowed Moon Stone

    And two of my characters (Vil and Anne) had no meteorites equipped lol.

    All your base are


    Cheap Bosses Are On a whole different level. But what surprised me is that there is 3rd play through aswell.

    Good Thing that you’re writing a walkthrough on this. Since well this game truely deserves a Full Walkthrough. Well I think the Bosses Need a Walkthrough More than the game itself Lmao.

    Okay Now Since I Forgot The Names of the .magic Meteorites Names I will use the skill names instead.

    I recommend The Magic Meteroites With These skills( I also know the names of some aswell ):
    Cure and All Cure
    Endowed Shield Stone( Recommended if you’re early in the game )
    Endowed Moon Stone ( Highly Recommended )
    Crushing Wall Stone
    Endowed Sword Stone( Again Early in the game )
    Quick Spoil and All Quick Spoil

    Vil Is Also very Important because of his Healing Skills. And He Will Prove To Be VERY VERY helpful after Alia.


    I Should Make a Correction In The Previous Message I Posted here, but Instead I am Posting a New message.

    You do get a Third Playthrough, In which Uranus Invites You to Battle His Companion Guardian Beasts and Himself aswell, but there is no 3rd Ending. You Just Get To Beat Them And Level up a Notches like I leveled upto 97. Incidently The Same Final Boss In The 2nd Play through Gets Buffed up in the 3rd Playthrough But The Ending Remains the same.

    Also you do get a Uranus Boss Fight, but he is nowhere close to the Final Boss of The 2nd Playthrough Lmao. But There is one Thing. The BGM running in the background of Uranus Boss Fight is Very Impressive.

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