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    Could someone list the weapon and armor recipe locations I would be grateful if someone did.


    Okay I do not Know the exact locations, you can use the Maps in the walkthrough Section to find them.I will list the areas where the recipes are:
    Elyups Cave-Depths
    Dust Hill-Depths
    Earthdepths Lake-Depths
    Forgotten Ruins
    Abyss Cliff
    Verdant Forest-Depths
    Path To the Holy Place
    Forest Of Purity(Blue Dragon Boss Unlocks the Area for a recipe in a treasure)
    Mishisha Cave-Depths.

    MSG Commander

    Hi OboivionZX,

    I’m sorry but I don’t remember where I got all the recipes. I have all but two or three of them in my collection, but all I remember is that most of them come from treasure chests in the dungeons (except for the first one, which you get from Paola.)

    Like Azyleo said, the best I can do now is to say try to get all the treasures (treasure locations are marked on all the maps I’ve completed). As I go through and write a complete walkthrough, I will indicate what treasures are available in each location.

    All your base are

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