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    Since one of the characters mentioned it and I’m about to go to forgotten ruins should I change anyone’s Shell’s from this point onward? And also any good spots or quests to farm for money the weapon crafting broke me


    Not Really though. The Only Shell I replaced was Paola’s.
    Well I used to sell materials. Since I didnt Buy them, I would hunt them, so selling wasnt really a problem for me. I have like Millions of Gold XD

    MSG Commander

    I have Paola partnered with Regius, but everyone else has the same Beast they started with. I know the game says you can change Shells for different effects, but I never did either.

    I think what really matters at the end of the game is which Magic Meteorites you have, and which skills are mastered to Level 8. Also which armor you equip (for the few people who can choose from more than just one “master” armor.)

    But Azyleo has made it further than me at the moment, so I’d go with his opinion on this one.

    All your base are

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