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    MSG Commander

    Okay, I finished the walkthrough up to first ending, and finally started in on the bonus material.

    I just got to Quest 48 – A Justice War – and I’m assuming the upcoming boss battle is the last one leading up to the second ending?

    Anyway I just tried the battle with everyone in my party at Level 90 (except Alia, she’s at 84.) I purposely tried the battle without having the maximum strength weapons and armor, because I wanted to know if it’s even possible to beat this boss without more extended grinding, and the answer seems to be “NO!”

    So anyway, what is a good character level, and weapon/armor level for this battle?

    When I face the boss again, I plan on using Holy Breath, Crusade, and probably Kline’s Ghost-wail Slash. Also I’m considering using All-Shield and All-Barrier (even though Hell Rain takes away all status conditions). Plus, I plan to have Fred use All-Cure Full every turn, although Alia’s Energy Flow restores more HP than Fred’s All-Cure Full, so maybe I need to rethink that part?

    Also, this time around I used the Linked Skill Last Judge and it seemed to do well (it’s a Non-element attack), but would Vanishing Soul (Light magic) be a better choice?

    I already know this battle is gonna make me wish I never heard the name “Kemco” :evil:, but there’s no way I’m leaving this game without at least finishing the second ending. πŸ˜†

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    I Have Beaten this boss on level 87( all characters ). The thing in this battle is to equip Debuff, Then Buff, Have Anti Flinch Equipment, Have Anti Poison, Light Elemental Weapons and Migic Reistant armor.Have lots of Potion. Have Two Healers. One FULLY Charged Light Linked Attack ( Cross Brink works better than Vanishing soul, remember what I wrote about this guy? He is Highly Resistant To Magic Attacks. Cross Brink is physical light elemental attack, thats why this will deal more damage ).

    Your First Priority is to Guard his attacks in the first turn. Switch Charas DeBuff him. Switch Again, have Kline, Alia and Vil( Dont Steal from this guy, its worthless, you get Black Gold as steal ) Buff your Characters to the Max!( Keep Healing aswell ), be sure to have Alfim. Use a Fully Buffed Cross Brink to bring his HP to Half. He Will Most Likely Use Hell Rain. Switch Characters with anyone having 100% Link. Hit him with all you have before Hell Rain Strikes in. I have heard Poala Magic Blocking Skill, Actually Blocks Hell Rain. Check it, since I haven’t checked this at all. He also gains a Speed BUFF when his HP is Half, beware.
    This isn’t a 100% Strategy. The Key to this battle is making sure No Character gets Flinch and Poison. You Must Absolutely Use Cross Brink when his HP is Half or at the beginning of battle.

    MSG Commander

    Wow. Okay I will try that and see how it works. Thank you.

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