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    Hi there!

    So this is my first Kemco game and I’m really enjoying it. I’m also new to the forum :ohmy:

    The reason I created an account was because I ma a little bit stuck. I have just gotten to Elyups cave and I am really struggling. There seems to have been a humongus difficulty spike. All my charcters are just getthing one-shot KO’d! :dry:

    I have tried to grind materials to upgrade all my armour and they are still getting blasted to smitherines. There levels are all level 21. Am I under-leveled?



    Hi JobClass, welcome to the forums.

    You are actually quite underleveled actually lol. Try to be atleast level 30. Also Try to Grind in this fame as often as you can. That way you wont have any problems beating the bosses and the random encounters.

    MSG Commander

    Hi JobClass,

    As Azyleo mentioned, in this game you really need to focus on strengthening your equipment as often as possible.

    I also ran into the huge difficulty spike in Elyups Cave – I kind of liked that it got harder all of the sudden, because up to that point it seemed the battles were far too easy. But still it was a pretty big shock :woohoo:

    There will be some other points where you’ll need to spend extra time leveling up and strengthening your weapons and armor (sometimes for a couple hours). I tried to highlight those points in the game’s location walkthrough (in fact, Elyups Cave has a big warning message at the top of the page lol); and also some dungeon maps have recommended levels. (The map link I provided is for Elyups Cave depths, but it’s just an example of one map where I put the recommended level).

    The recommendations in the walkthrough are honestly educated guesses more than hard and fast rules. For the most part, it’s the level at which your party is not likely to get one-shot KO’d. (But some areas you can probably handle at a bit lower level, it just requires a better strategy than I usually use…)

    Anyway if you have any other questions about the game, feel free to post them here. I and many others thoroughly enjoyed this game, so hopefully you will also. πŸ˜†

    All your base are

    MSG Commander

    P.S. Most likely, you won’t really need to follow the whole location walkthrough for this game, but there may be some points where the information will be helpful.

    However, the dungeon maps[/url] should prove especially useful.

    All your base are


    Hey guys!

    Wow. You guys are so friendly and awesome. I eventually got through it. It was only really 2 different mobs that were really getting to me. Through going through that dungeon, I learned that spells are quite important in this game. It kinda reminds me of Shin Megami Tensei where you have to use spells often. The characters also level up quickly and so get refills of their SP, so it feels like this game is trying to encourage me to use magic.

    Thanks for the resources. I needed those!! :woohoo: I also wanted to ask, is there any way of getting the materials without going through the dungeons again? Is there a way to turn off the random encounters whilst I’m doing it? It just seems sort of tedious πŸ™ with having to face all the random encounters again.

    MSG Commander

    Hey JobClass,

    I’m glad we can help. Skills in this game are extremely important! To the point that I recommend you use everyone’s skills until their SP runs out, and then swap them for another member until their SP runs out (or you can buy Energy Drinks, Potions, etc in town and refill their SP if you want.) As you’ve probably noticed, skills level up the more you use them – late in the game, you will NEED certain skills to be at their maximum level (level 8 ).

    Also, late in the game, accessories will be vital to your success. They will literal make the difference between victory and certain, horrible death. πŸ‘Ώ I don’t remember the names off the top of my head, but in the late boss battles, you’ll want to equip accessories that block status effects, like flinching, sleep, confusion, poison, etc. Otherwise the bosses will just destroy you and you will hate Kemco forever! πŸ˜†

    For gathering materials, there’s a couple options:

    A bit further into the game, you’ll be able to get a character named Penta, who will collect materials for you in one dungeon while you’re off exploring another (he doesn’t always get a lot, but hey, anything is better than nothing.) In the IAP shop you can buy Penta’s Helpers (up to 3) to increase the amount of materials they collect.

    Also in the IAP shop you can buy a boost function to turn off encounters (as well as boosts for 2x gold, experience, skill growth…) You can pay real money for the IAP, but you can also earn it through random encounters – although I don’t think you earn enough from one play-through to unlock all of the things I’ve mentioned above.

    I spent about $5 US on IAP for this game, because I really love Kemco’s games and don’t mind giving them a little extra now and then, especially considering their games aren’t that expensive to start with. But, I would never recommend paying for IAP, because a lot of people don’t like it no matter who the company is, and don’t want anything to do with it. So, the option is there – you can buy IAP, or earn it through random encounters. Totally up to you.

    P.S. Just a heads up, a lot of the features in this game are not typical of Kemco’s other titles. They’re all RPGs, and (almost all of them) are fun, but there’s only a few titles that have the material collecting, weapon crafting aspect – and overall I think Justice Chronicles is the best out of those few.

    But a lot of their other titles, the gameplay is totally different. Justice Chronicles is in my opinion among the harder, and more “sophisticated,” games Kemco has ever released. (Also one of the longest – I’ve played over 60 hours and still have not finished all the bonus content.) I love almost every Kemco game, and I think you chose a great one to start with, but I’d hate for you to think all their games are like this one and then get burned on your next buy.

    All your base are


    ^Just Follow What MSG Commander has Told You, and you will be good to go. Also, you can earn upto 300 points per playthrough ( According to my calculation that is ) so that itself is enough for you to buy any one booster. Personally I Bought Skill Growth just because Skill level play more of a role in this game then the character level( But that doesn’t mean you should be under leveled ), for example a player with all skills maxed out to 8 stars and is level 80, will beat the final boss than the one who is level 90. Also be sure to max out your gear. Remember that DEFENSE is sometimes better then OFFENSE and that stands true for this game.

    P.S If you played SMT games, then expect a similar difficulty curve like SMT:Nocturne to come in this game lol.



    Noted about the accessories. Usually in RPG’s status affects aren’t that important, so i wouldn’t have thought so much. Thanks for that tip!

    Okay, I’ve been using spells, but I havn’t been using any of Kline’s skills. Now that I know skills are important, I’ll start grinding them in battle. What are some of the better skills Kiline has? I know off the top of my head he has one that lowers defence, he also has one that hits multiple times and he also has one that is an instant critical hit. Those are the ones I have right now.

    Right now, I’m doing requests. I’m doing all the collecting requests in order to make the materials for crafting become available in the shops. Are the hunting quests important? It seems those quests only give money?

    Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne is my second favourite game in the world. So it’s all good. πŸ˜†



    Just Go to walkthrough section of Justice Chronicles on this site. You will be given loads of useful tips, including which skill to level up and what gear should be good enough for this boss etc.
    If you’re still stuck somewhere post about it here.


    Okay cool! Checked those out. πŸ™‚

    One thing I noticed is that Rooselvey has armour. Should I bother upgrading it? Why don’t any of the others have armour?

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