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    Ok, so I’m on my 3rd playthrough (Yeah, I’m insane….), fine tuning everything in the Location Walkthrough, and I finally decided to figure out what Pursuit and Guidance actually mean.

    The rest of this post is a straight copy and paste from; somebody please let me know if I have this information correct? (I think I do, but it’s hard because even the in-game help doesn’t really explain it.)

    Shell Status – Tactics

    Before the next Boss battle, though, you get a really short tutorial, that basically says your Guardian Beasts can be set either to Pursuit or to Guidance. If you set them to Pursuit, then their turn in battle is determined by the character’s AGL, but if you set them to Guidance, it’s determined by the Beast’s AGL.

    What is not explained here, is that changing between Pursuit and Guidance changes the order between the character and the Guardian Beast, as well as changing the order in which the two are able to take their turn in battle.

    For example, Kline’s AGL is 245 (at Level 99), and Rooselevy’s AGL is 220. So, if Rooselevy is set to Pursuit, then Kline’s AGL will determine their battle order. Also, Kline will get his turn before Rooselevy.

    Now, if you set Rooselevy to Guidance, then Rooselevy’s AGL determines the battle order for Kline and Rooselevy, and Rooselevy’s turn comes before Kline’s.

    You can also “cheat” the game, by equipping your Guardian Beasts with one or more Feather Amulet accessories.

    Each Feather Amulet raises a Guardian Beast’s AGL by 50 – meaning if you put 4 Feather Amulets on Rooselevy, his adjusted AGL would be 420. This would be higher than Fred’s natural AGL of 390 (at Level 99), allowing Rooselevy and Kline to take their turn even sooner than Fred.

    This is one aspect of the game that is definitely worth exploring, as you develop your long-term strategy.

    All your base are

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