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    That’s right people! Contrary to popular belief, you CAN defeat the first Gray Sage at Elfoss! The battle only lasted maybe 5 minutes at most. Here’s the set up I had

    Lv. 50
    Weapon: Claymore+2
    Armor: Silver Mail+1
    Accessory: Flower Amulet
    Skills: Black Flame Slash Lv.8, Windslasher Blade Lv.8, Ironbreak Slash Lv. 8, Life Beat, Skyrange Slash Lv.8, Black Barrier, Ghostwail Slash Lv.4
    Lv. 50
    Accesories: Feather Amulet x4

    Lv. 50
    Weapon: Wave+4
    Armor: Misty Dress+1
    Acessory: Flower Amulet
    Skills: Emergency Aid Lv.8, Holy Shot Lv. 8, Guard Field, Clear-Poison Aid, Reviving Aid Lv.5, Energy Flow Lv.8, Energy Fill Lv.4, Energy Revive
    Lv. 50
    Accesories: Feather Amulet+4

    Lv. 49
    Weapon: Double Dragon Sword+2
    Armor: Hard Scale+3
    Accessory: Flower Amulet
    Skills: Gale Flash Lv.8, Steal, Swiftflash Dragon’s Fang Lv.8, Frozen Flow Lv.8, Death Blade Lv.4, Icebreaker Blade Lv.1
    Lv. 49
    Accessories: Feather Amulet x4

    Lv. 50
    Weapon: Bewitched Dignity Flower+2
    Armor: Misty Dress+1
    Accessory: Heart Ring
    Skills: Lightning Bolt Lv.8, Mana Boost, Soul Snatch Lv.8, Element Chain Lv.8, Magic Mirror, Poison Wind Lv.8, Magic Barrier, Thunderstorm Lv.3, Spiritual Strength Extended

    So going into the battle, I was worried that my plan would fail, but I tried anyway and succeeded. I of course had all my Shells set to Guidance since the Feather Amulets gave them a +200 speed increase, thus ensuring I go first. The first thing I did was to use Vanishing Soul to reduce all of her stats. After that, I kept spamming her with Icebreaker Blade/Frozen Flow from Fred since she’s weak to Ice, Holy Shot from Alia, and Magic Mirror from Paola. With Magic Mirror, all of her spells got reflected back to her, so I didn’t take much damage except the first round, and the rounds I did take damage, Letz had the party healed in an Instant between her Healing Light and Healing Song abilities being cast. After the battle, I was rewarded with 15,200 Exp (didn’t see how much Gold she gave) 10 CP, and an Elixir!

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    MSG Commander

    Hey that’s awesome! I never even would’ve thought to try and beat her.

    Out of curiosity is the dialogue any different after you win this battle?

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    Spoiler The dialogue is...

    …no different.


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