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    I just got around to playing this game. Was on my Wishlist for so long, that I didn’t see it until I finally decided to scroll to the bottom of the list.  Doh!

    Even though you guys posted about the game a year or two ago, I still want to include my two cents.  I just wanna be a part of things, is all. 😋

    This game, if not one of the most amazing games I’ve played, is THE most amazing game I’ve played- at least so far as I can tell for my chars being Level 30 and recently getting to Illumica.  The game has “simple complexity” (oxymoron, no doubt).  And that’s the reason I love it.  There is so much to do, that you don’t run through the game quickly. I like that about a game- getting to know the landscape and the characters. A real story where each MC has their own purpose for gaining strength and a background reason that gives them their fortitude to push forward despite any adversity or challenge.  The dialogue isn’t cheesy.  It’s informative, provides clues, it’s progressive, and like Kemco games, it has a pleasing splash of humor. (Paola is a hoot, and Fred is my fave char.)

    With Kemco games, I don’t play freeium.  If I find a game I strongly feel that I will like, I’ll just go ahead and buy it.  I haven’t been disappointed yet.  In some of Kemco games, you get a fistful of in-app gems to use in the game’s store.  With Justice Chronicles, you don’t.  However, it’s definitely worth the $4 USD; and it doesn’t take long to accumulate in-app currency.  The store items only require a small amount of in-app currency to get little perks to help you along the way.

    So far, all I bought from the store is the Ancient Currency.  We sell them at the shops for 10,000 coins.  That is the biggest need in the game that I can tell so far.  There is a lot of equipment crafting to do.  And if you get a little dragged down from grinding like I do, then buying needed materials for crafting, as well as needing the money to do the crafting, makes the Ancient Currency purchases well worth the investment.

    It took me a small amount of time to figure out the mechanics of the game.  It’s not designed like the Asdivine series, for instance.  The best advice I can give is to read everything!  Pay attention to any descriptors no matter what you’re looking at, especially with any equipment and spells.  Be sure to check out the Walkthrough from @msg-commander. He did a phenomenal and thorough job with it.   My only gripe about the game is how ridiculously twisting, confusing, and long the dungeons are.  MSGCommander’s maps are wonderful to help us with that dilemma.  I always try to learn my own way around, since that’s part of the fun of RPGs.  But the dungeons in this game are cray-cray, and I’ve had to refer to the Walkthrough’s maps a few times.

    If you haven’t played the game, then please do.  If you have played the game, then play it again.  Kemco really outdid themselves with this one.



    Uhm, be sure to don’t buy AH2 Premium then… Money better used in Fernz Gate or Wizards of Brandel.


    I bought Penta Helpers. Money is not really a problem, it takes time but you get quests to collect material and these quests are your main source of GP income.


    Very good game, and a change of pace from their latest standard games which all look and fell the same. Enjoy.

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    Make your time.

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    AH and AH2 were among the earlier games I played from Kemco.  At the time, I wasn’t familiar with how Kemco was as game devs, so I didn’t buy games until I had 1-2 hours into them.  AH and AH2 were not enjoyable to me, but I continued playing a bit longer to see if I could warm up to them.  I couldn’t, and I probably didn’t even get halfway through them.  So I didn’t lose money on those two – but I did give them a fair shot.  Those two games are the only ones I don’t really like from Kemco.

    Earlier today, I saved Penta.  I’m looking forward to his foraging skills.  I remember reading in MSG Commander’s Walkthrough that he couldn’t be sure how often we should check on Penta to see when he returns, but he suggested every 2-3 dungeon crawls.  I’ve only used Penta 3-4 times, but each time, he had mats for me – even though I only went through one dungeon.  What I wonder is, if Penta returning with a sack full of goodies is more related to time than amount of in-game activity we do.  When I put the game down for a couple of hours or so and then check with Penta when I return to the game, he always had stuff for me.  I’m gonna watch this more closely to see if I can prove or disprove what I’m suspecting about time vs activity.

    I am considering getting Penta Helpers.  Before I do, I want to see how productive Penta is for me.  Right now, he’s okay.  I may decide to get the helpers if I’m in need of a higher number of certain materials.  And I have a suspicion I will be before too long.

    Crytareino is the next game I’m gonna play.  For sure.



    Yep, got two Penta Helpers.  And they sure are a help.

    I did notice, or at least think I noticed, about the play time vs number of dungeon crawls before we can collect from Penta.  It’s both.  I couldn’t collect from Penta after completing one dungeon relatively quickly. Yet, I could collect from Penta if I did one dungeon and was out of the game for a little while, and vice-versa.


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