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    Set Fred’s Guardian Beast to “Pursuit.”

    During Battle, have the other two party members use defend. Have Fred use his steal skill.

    By doing it this way, Fred will always act first, giving him an increased chance of successfully stealing the material you need.


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    Well, if you are OP, you could just change your party to Fred-only :p


    And yes, “Pursuit” vs “Guidance” is not only about using guardians or character status, but it is about whom act first.

    That’s why I usually use “Pursuit” on every dungeon (to build Assault gauge), and only switch to Guidance during boss fight (where I don’t need to build gauges or steal stuff, and my real focus is killing the enemy)

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    Hah! One party member. I would have never thought about doing it that way.  Great idea.





    Isn’t there a way to remove an equipped Guardian Beast or High Beast within Contract sub-section of the characters section of the menu.


    I think you can shuffle the Guardian Beasts around to different characters, but I’m not sure you can battle without them at all.

    Justice Chronicles was a good game overall, but farming crafting materials got tedious. I preferred doing the quests to unlock materials at shops and buying them.

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    You can absolutely battle without your guardian forces. If you are levelling your skills and/or magic meteors I’d recommend you de-equip them. You will get more attacks per encounter and won’t accidentally kill an enemy you’re trying to steal from.

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