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    All right. I’ve beaten the first gray Sage each time I’ve played, which is four times now, I need a life maybe, but I really like this game.

    I was under levelled this past time and I still won with no real effort. Here is my team, equipment, level, and strategy:

    Guardians set to guidance with four “feather amulets” each, 7200 for all four of your characters at first encounter shouldn’t be hard to come by.

    Level 46 for all characters.

    Lead with Alia, Fred, and Paola. I did “Brave Heart”, All-Quick (Fred magic meteor), and “Mana boost” to Alia from Paola.

    Next use Vanishing Soul

    Sub Kline for Paola. Have Kline cast “Life Beat” and Fred and Alia repeat their first moves.

    Hit with Ghost-wail Slash and Swiftflash Dragon’s Fang from Kline and Fred. Use Alia’s energy flow to heal as needed and have her hit with normal attacks (gray Sage uses barrier, so stick to physical attacks). Keep doing this until she falls. Maybe 5 minutes.


    Kline: Claymore, Hard Scale +3, Warrior’s Necklace

    Alia: Wizard’s Tail, Gold Thread Robe +2, Pure White Ring

    Fred: Snake’s Poison Fang +5, Hard Scale +3, Lifespring RingP

    Paola: Vigorous Blossom Flower, Gold Thread Robe +1, Heart Ring

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