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    Hi there,

    So I’ve just started playing and am a bit confused as to what some of the stats mean.

    ATK – attack
    DEF – defense
    MAT – magic attack
    MDF – magic defense
    MSC – ?
    TEC – ?
    VIT – vitality
    MAG – ?
    SPT – spirit?
    AGL – agality

    What do those ones do?!


    MSG Commander

    Hi rlayna,

    Welcome to the forum!

    I’m in the game Help menu right now. It’s kind of tricky to find the right screen, but go to Help > Battles > Status Types and Explanations.

    I’m just typing these in the order they appear on that screen: 😛

    This is a pretty lengthy reply. It might be more info than you need, but maybe it can help the next person as well.

    (There’s no real spoiler in here, I’m just using that to make the message shorter. By the way my comments are in italics.)

    Muscular Strength (MSC)

    Indicates power. Strongly affects ATK. (In other words, higher MSC = higher ATK)

    Technique Strength (TEC)

    Indicates cleverness. Affects a range of statuses, such as ATK, DEF, SP, etc. (So higher TEC raises a couple stats, I guess?)

    Vitality (VIT)

    Indicates toughness. Strongly affects HP and DEF.

    Magic Power (MAG)

    Indicates the strength of the power to control magic. Strongly affects MAT and SP.

    Spiritual Strength (SPT)

    Indicates the strength of the spirit. Strongly affects MDF and SP.

    Agility (AGL)

    Indicates swiftness. Strongly affects the order of actions. (Higher AGL means your turn in battle comes sooner.)

    Attack Strength (ATK)

    Affects the strength of normal attacks and physical skills. (So it raises the ATK power of regular attacks and skills like Ironbreak Slash, or Swiftflash Dragon’s Fang.)

    Defense Strength (DEF)

    Affects the amount of damage sustained in physical attack from the enemy. This status is only for humans.
    (Only good against physical attacks, does nothing to guard against magic attacks.)

    Magic Attack Strength (MAT)

    Affects the strength of magic attack skills. (Only attack, healing magic is strengthened by MDF)

    Magic Defense Strength (MDF)

    Affects the amount of damage sustained in a magic attack from the enemy. Also greatly affects the strength of recovery skills.

    There’s more after that, but those are all the basic stats for the human characters. (Beasts, or Shells as they call them, have a few of their own stats, which you can also read about in the Help screen.)

    So, a few things I know from playing other similar games in the past:

    Every time you level up, your base stats increase (although only by a small amount per level, over time it really adds up.)

    When a base stat goes up, it raises HP, SP, ATK, whatever else it “affects.” For example if you raise MSC, your ATK will go up. Raise VIT, and HP and DEF go up.

    You can buy or find Seeds in the game to raise a stat. One seed will raise the base stat by 3 points.

    Raising the base stat by 3 points will also raise the secondary stats by a certain amount. I don’t know what the amount is because I haven’t checked it out on this game, but let’s say one VIT Seed raises VIT by 3, and also raises HP and DEF by 5 each. (I’m just making that number up.)

    So if you really wanted to boost someone’s HP and DEF, use a ton of VIT seeds (this would be good to use on Paola or Alia, since they’re mainly magic users and therefore low on HP and DEF compared to the others.)

    Also there are some accessories, and occasionally some armor/weapons that will boost specific stats, as well as some support skills that will raise them temporarily for one battle (for a certain number of turns, usually.)

    I hope this helps to clear this up!

    All your base are

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