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    J. D. Guy

    Hello again.

    I’m now mucking about in and out of the Abyss Cliff and I have a bit of a suggestion.

    In the aside where you mention to steal Beast Hides from every Medusa Lizard you can, I feel it’d be a good idea to also mention to do so for the Guardian turtle’s Large Iron Ore and the Dark Eye wolves Cyclops Blood Poison.

    At that point in the game, you can never have enough Large iron Ore, so any you can steal is great, and one of Fred’s Swords requires the Cyclops Blood Poison, so bringing attention to it would be nice, even if you wouldn’t use it yourself.

    Well, that’s my two cents. 🙂

    MSG Commander

    Updated the page to show that Large Iron Ore and Cyclops Blood Poison are also worth going for.


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