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    well new to me. i have been thinking of getting either the alphadia series or the asdivine series, as many as i can on my ipad.

    does asdivine go hearts,dios, menace, cross, ah2? and in what order does alphadia games go in i know i saw somewhere on here that the genesis games and the genesis 2 game are prequels i think so does it go ag, ag2, alphadia, alphadia 2 or do i have them mixed up?

    i am also considering, journey to kresia, grinsia, darkgate, and eve of genesis or the 2 symphony title of orgin /eternity, might also try glorious savior, not sure.

    so which one or series should i get first?


    Asdivine isn’t a singular connected series, its more like they just use Asdivine cause its popular(or because it tackle with divine entity I bet my money on the former). Hearts 1 -> 2, Dios -> Menace and Cross.

    Alphadia/Genesis can also be played on any order but I recommend trying Alphadia 1 and 2 first a it might hard to swallow going back to traditional rpg after playing the 3d setup on Gensis 1 and 2.

    Personally I’ll say go with Alphadia series first as its just the better of the two series imo.

    I also recommend Chronus Arc, Covenant of Solitude and Silver Nornir if you haven’t tried them yet, its some of their more polished work.

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    hmm i havent tried silver nornir yet but the bundle it is in is on my wishlist, covenant of solitude is pretty good, havent tried chronus arc on ipad yet, i think i have it on 3ds though.

    ill eventually get them all, just have to decide what to get and play first lol.

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    All the games in your OP are good (well I got bored with Alphadia Genesis, but I enjoyed all the others.) I like Alphadia, Eve of the Genesis, and Symphony of the Origin the most – but I believe Eve of the Genesis is actually priced at 7.99, and not 3.99 like most other games. So if price is a factor, try to get that one when it’s on a .99 sale.

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    @msg thanks for info, i think eve is 6.99 in ios app store, i’ll definitely try and get it on sale if i can.

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