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    This is a general request for dungeon maps for any games we don’t currently have them for. With the exception of Asdivine Hearts 2, (which maps are in the forum), you can tell if we already have maps for a game by checking that game’s location walkthrough.

    Ultimately, I’d love to have maps and corresponding walkthroughs for every Kemco game – but short of that, I’d really love to have maps. They can be annotated with “T1” type of marks for all the treasure locations, markings for stairs, mining points, what-have-you, or they can be totally clean.

    They can be screenshoted (yeah I know that’s not a real word) mini maps, stitched together, hand drawn, computer generated, pretty much any format as long as it’s easy to use your map to get through the actual dungeon. (You could even do graph paper, just make sure the drawing is dark enough to show up well.)

    For all players who like making maps, this is an open invitation to post your maps in the appropriate forum for that game. If/when we get a written walkthrough for the game, I will do my best to make sure that your maps get included in the walkthrough, and to give proper credit.

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    First, a shout-out to @lemmythelenny. I love his maps for Aeon Avenger. They aren’t fancy screenshots, but are simplified drawings. It’s easy to see everything “at-a-glance.” Kudos, Lemmy!

    Next, a quick question, can maps/images be directly uploaded from my computer or do they have to be uploaded to a hosting site (e.g. Photobucket) first? It’s kind of a pain to go through the extra step of the hosting site (okay, I’m lazy.) Just wondering….

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    MSG Commander

    Yes Lemmy’s maps are fantabulous! 😛 Seriously, I just finished following through his location walkthrough; those maps made it really easy.

    You can absolutely upload maps as attachments, so long as they’re saved as .jpg or .png, 2MB or smaller, and no larger than 1024×1024 pixels. (Although, if it’s bigger than 1024px, it will automatically be resized on upload, so really it just needs to be smaller than 2MB.)

    Large maps (really long dungeons, or dungeons that span multiple floors) should be broken up into several images for better viewing.

    Examples of large maps: broken up over 2 pages broken up over 3 pages all on one page, but multiple images multiple levels, each one with a lot of detail

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