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    … I know the title is kinda long..

    But is there any kemco games to recommend through its post game, or for its replayability? Well im thinking of maybe dark gate or illusion of l’phalcia…


    And thanks!

    MSG Commander

    First one that comes to my mind is Symphony of the Origin, both for replayability and post game.

    Also Eclipse of Illusion, Crystareino, and probably any of the Asdivine games.

    I’m sure there’s others but I’d start there.

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    I think I’m in the minority here, but L’Phalcia was one of my favorites to beat, so I’d give it marks for replayability. But not for postgame. Much lazier done than most Exe-Create postgames.

    Of other games I’ve played, I’d say Asdivine Hearts is both fun and has a decent postgame, Symphony of Eternity was fun but only had a few bonus bosses as a postgame and Tears Revolude would be fun to go through again.

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