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    So who speaks Japanese and can tell us more about it? Screenshots look very Asdivine-ish. And one character looks like Izayoi.

    Wizard of Brandel is the translated title. I had a link from Twitter, but it didn’t work here. Sorry!

    Trying link again:

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    Asdivine-ish? The game have the same graphics, art style, interface and the damn buddy system. Lol.

    A bummer that it had the same overworld style of Onigo Hunter and Djinn Caster. It was okay on those games but I’m still not really a fan of that style that was popularized by billions of freemium pay-to-win cashgrab rpgs on mobile.

    Aside from that it seems like you collect Demons and use them as buddy on this game. So practically a combination of Asdivine and Onigo Hunter.

    I’m actually quite interested on how that gonna work. Let’s just hope it got the story ane cintent to back it up.

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    Hey, in my defense, I did say VERY Asdivine-ish. 😜And now that’s I’m on my laptop and can see the (terrible) screenshots larger, I will amend my description and remove the “ish.” It is indeed very Asdivine, which makes me happy. I’ve come to really like the Asdivine series. So, for anyone who might be interested, here is a Google translation of the text from the Japanese page in the link above:

    The house of the debt was taken away, and the place where I came to live is the residence of the demon king who is wanted! Is it?
    Such a hero encounters a woman swordsmen with a sense of direction disorientation and a demon girl who dies soon due to lack of water
    To what kind of cause, traveling together. Where will the battle of those with different beliefs go together?

    β—† β—‡ Various use demons β—‡ β—†
    Variety of types of demons that support battle.
    A bit strange looking thing,
    A nostalgic character also participates in the war!

    β—† β—‡ master the limit burst β—‡ β—†
    Limit burst that can keep your turn during battle is ON / OFF free.
    Liberate when you are here and push forward concentrated attacks,
    Let’s try to recover from life by continuous recovery.

    β—† β—‡ Battle speed & enemy appearance rate also change freely β—‡ β—†
    Battle speed is 1 to 3 times, enemy appearance rate can be freely changed from no encounter to 3 times.
    Of course we are also fully equipped with standard elements for strengthening weapons, item cultivation, books and stadiums!

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