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    Tears Revolude has a really cool battle system, and a couple of really #@[email protected]#%#@%[email protected]#@!# frustrating puzzles (but I think all those puzzles have been answered in the forum). Everything else about the game is kinda cheesy though.

    Covenant of Solitude starts with a really good story and an interesting take on party building, but it’s ridiculously hard. I quit about 12 hours in ’cause I just got tired of losing boss battles. ;P

    Valkyria Soul is BAD!!!!! Like the kind of mistake that haunts you for the rest of your life bad. You will not regret NOT playing this game.

    Symphony of Eternity is a great all around game, that just exudes “old school” goodness. It’s about 20 hours long and there’s a little bit of bonus material (like 3 bonus dungeons or something)

    Kreisia is considered a classic; it’s hard, and it’s long because you HAVE to play New Game+ to get the true end – but most people love it. (I think it’s good but it’s so long it loses any replay value in my mind)

    Soul Historica has a really unique story, with 2 alternate endings. (The game “splits” halfway through, and if you save your data at that point, you can play the first ending, then reload and play the second one). It’s not the best battle system but the story makes up for it.

    Crystareino is a MUST in my opinion. The plot twist at the end will rip your heart out. The only thing you need to remember in this game is that you CAN’T use any items or skills in battle, until you equip them to your character (some reviewers on Amazon never figured that out so they 1-star’d the game and called it broken…)

    The other titles – they were decent games, in their own right, but not exactly memorable…

    So, my top recommendations would be:

    Symphony of Eternity
    Soul Historica
    Journey to Kreisia
    Tears Revolude

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    Yeah,that was some recommendations you has,but,hmm about covenant of solitude……… order to win this game it took quite sacrifice,why?
    (IAP not neccesary(**** **)?) need to buy a lot of item(attack type, support type,healing type)unless you want to die fast thats it’s
    2.the boss at first is quite easy?(are you sure….)but when you met with him old friend(legna?)you will know and cursing the 9 generation of this game staff(enemy designer only)
    3.IAP is recommended ****(for the one who can affort it)

    This one is telling the

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