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    My new 8″ tablet just arrived today and it rocks a 2048 x 1536 resolution so thats a 4:3 aspect ratio. The thing is that I’m quite annoyed with the black bars at the top and bottom when playing Onigo Hunter (its the only Kemco I tried) while other games like Titan Quest and 9th Dawn 2 fills up the whole screen.

    I bought this tablet for the 2k display to enjoy sharp fonts when reading ebooks and crispy graphics for my games and the black bars kinda ruins the experience for I assume all Kemco games. I know 4:3 isn’t ideal for gaming but a lot of games still stretches to fill up the entire screen.

    I have a question for someone who have an Ipad, Ipads uses the same 4:3 aspect ratio so does Kemco games also have black bars there?

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