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    Rina Cascade

    If Kemco released the “Freemium Version” of their game in a month, does it mean that this “game” is their released game that month and we need to wait for another month or is there a chance that they will release both a “Freemium Version” of their game and new game?

    Thank you in advance.

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    It usually means we have to wait another month before they release a new game.

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    They sometimes release a new-game along with any delayed freemium game. It did happen once, I am not sure when it happened though.


    I went back through some of their press releases, and found that usually a freemium game release was the only Android release for that month. However, the freemium Chronus Arc was released on Feb 2 of this year, and Asdivine Hearts 2 was dropped on Feb 16. I’m sure more examples lurk within those announcements, but I’ve been playing Kemco games long enough to know that Kemco is consistently inconsistent. 😉

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    Kemco is consistently inconsistent. 😉

    This is very true :v

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