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    Good day guys, need help searching for kemco games where Maidame Curie is present and having a battle with her. I won’t indicate any games to make sure I won’t miss anything. Thank you

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    Hi niXful,

    Of course the obvious ones are the Asdivine games! 🙂 (And since I answered first, I’ll take the easy ones haha…)

    I know I’ve seen her in a few other games but after all this time, they’ve all kind of blurred together… there are also a few games that have “maids” or have some version of a forgotten village, but don’t specifically include Maidame Curie… I’m guessing you’re not interested in those?

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    There’s also Fernz Gate and Antiquia Lost. I don’t know of any others, but she will most likely be present in most RPGs by Exe Create in particular.


    Yeah,but her not make an appearance at infinite dunamis(only mentioned)


    Though I still have admittedly low knowledge of the entire catalog of Kemco’s published games, and the various subcontractors they have, it’s funny to think of Maidame Curie as not only EXE’s Poncho, but also an obvious mark that the game is an Asdivine game, no matter how it protests it isn’t (Like Antiquia and Fernz change up some gameplay features but still has that Asdivine taste and texture).

    I still have a sizeable backlog to go through before I can make any more detailed and accurate jokes about these games. I’m liking what I’m playing a lot, and that’s exactly why I’m so eager to poke at the game’s goofy points.


    Add Wizards of Brandel to the list (a Fernz Gate clone).

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