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    Don't open it unless you want honest opinion about why game being too easy is never a way to say that the game is the worst.

    Every single game is too easy if you overgrind (unless it automatically scales enemies if they’d be too weak.

    The real challenge starts when you try to beat the game at Lowest level possible without anything that would make journey easier. 


    Anyone who wants challenge from games should never grind and set game difficulty to hardest possible. In my opinion the game is as easy as you want it to be not the hardcore as Dark Souls series which was developed as a hard game by default.

    There’s not much truly hard games that KEMCO made (mostly older games if they don’t have post-game stuff). 

    Currently most games have easy story so someone new to Kemco won’t get frustrated by difficulty. Want to have hard Kemco (EXE Create)  game? Simply start the game on Expert (or the hardest possible) difficulty and go straight to next parts of the story while ignoring chests or boosting stats in any way except normal level ups.

    If I want to grind it’s to see how ridiculous  the game goes by doing same repetitive things to make myself unstoppable (at least until I get wrecked).

    Conclusion : Difficulty of the game depends solely on the player. Of course developers would make impossible fights if they want to but every player wants to complete the game somehow by using all ways provided by creators. Too hard Game can be a good opinion about it but too easy game can’t be the reason to hate the game. Developers can’t make game both super easy for the people who want to enjoy the story and hardcore people who want bosses and enemies to be more intelligent than the player.

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    I suppose I should agree with @mastertrek. (Really, I do agree that if the game’s too easy, you should just adjust the difficulty – I’m just lazy and keep it on Easy/Normal until the final boss lol… and yes sometimes I do get to the end and think the game was “too easy,” but…)  🙄

    But I’m truly a casual gamer at heart, much more interested in the storyline and the character interactions, than battle mechanics, so most of the time I’m happy on Easy, anyway.

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    Same here. For most of the kemco games, i set them on easy unless I want a challenge because i just want to have fun feeling like a God. plus i have a life outside video games and if a game is making me angry, there is no point in playing any further.

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    Yeah:) Games are made for fun and I don’t find Kemco games too easy at all like Fernz Gate which I really like. I’m the grinding type player so I usually try doing optional stuff as early as possible while enjoying the story and the IAP stuff I get from buying them if I do so. When I find myself too strong I change the difficulty (it doesn’t make much difference in main story but shows that at post-game enemies and bosses (like Maidame Curie being easy for not trained party on Easy while devastating even well-trained heroes and heroines on Expert. Battle was awesome btw)


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