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    Hello.I am new here.As the title says can you guys recommend me some good kemko games with romance.I have played asdivine series and glorious savior.which was pretty good and currently have wizards of brandel and fairy elements on my phone which I haven’t started yet.does those have romances?Ty in advance for your answer.

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    Hmm… Kemco games in general don’t have much in overt romance. But then again, I’ve only really played those by Exe-Create. There are some game endings that certainly support that path, though.

    Off the top of my head, these games are what I can remember that have paths and/or endings romantically centered around pairings:


    some of these game paths are spoilers

    Machine Knight has some endings that allow you to choose which of the two female leads your main gets closer to.

    One of Dragon Sinker’s three endings (and you can certainly make dialogue choices that logically lead up to that, though they’re not necessary to enable that ending) is a non-canon but romantic one, too.

    Also, Fernz Gate really only has one romantic pairing, regardless of which ending you end up with.

    I don’t remember Fairy Elements all that well anymore (just that the post-game sucks), but I think Wizards of Brandel also has a similar level of romance as the Asdivine series (one True ending per character, determined by affection ratings).


    Hope that helps you.


    Alphadia Genesis is relatively romance-focused. It’s nothing special in terms of execution, but at least plays a major role in the story and the relationships progress faster than in other games. But it doesn’t really lead up to any special romantic conversations, but that’s rare in video games anyway.


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    The original Alphadia – as bad as the graphics and game mechanics are, the story (especially the ending) ripped my heart out!

    Eclipse of Illusion has a bit of romance as well.

    And Symphony of the Origin has some “bro-mance” after the end credits lol…

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    Sticking to Exe Create and what I played, the Alphadia series seems rather romantically inclined other than the Asdivine series. Also, Revenant Saga somewhat.


    Branching to the other companies, Magitec’s Blood of Calamity is very romance oriented, if you can get past the protag being a piggish pervert for a good part of it.

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