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    So soon (April 5th) this game will be available on Steam and some other platforms. It’s a pretty ancient game that is based on even more ancient (~2005) series. This particular one seems to be a remaster though, so it might be really good.


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    I generally don’t buy Kemco games on Steam because they usually cost twice than normally, but I think I actually might this one.

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    Frane is out on both Steam and M$.

    1. The flying world theme and the artstyle REALLY reminds me of Shelterra the Skyworld. Anyone else?
    2. Old IPs being brought back, does this mean we might actually see Alphadia 3-5? Oh please make it so!

    Almost like Ys type game so far so good. Game play is nice and smooth. better play hard mode.. easy is very easy.

    There some hidden path so u will need to search every strange wall u saw. Overall this quite fun I play with hand equipment so the skill dragon claw is awesome.

    The Pants Party

    I started this last night and cleared the Village Outskirts area then got a notification that Bartz and Miriam would be leaving and I needed to give them presents and get their letters before the next story event. Does anyone know if they come back later or do I need to grind this out now? Also if anyone knows the best presents to give them that would be helpful as well.

    I’ll keep a secondary save here to come back to just in case, but I figured I’d ask.

    The Pants Party

    To answer my own question: yes, you have to get the letters and max friendship very early for those two characters. It takes a whole bunch of grinding for money to get it done this early. You also must get 9 of the person’s unique crafting material if you want to complete the crafting book, and this has to be done BEFORE checking the mailbox and getting the letter, otherwise their friendship meter resets and they no longer offer you the item. Also, be very careful not to craft two of the same thing or you won’t be able to complete the crafting book. There are 10 total crafting items, so you need 9 of each to max it out and combine one item with one of every other item.

    I ruined two playthroughs so far trying to get this done right. I’m going to take a break from this to play the FFX port on Xbox but I hope to come back to it someday. Not a terribly long game (3-4 hours really) but grinding for money to get these friendships done is quite tedious.


    i began the game yesterday and i was disapointed by the ys like gameplay to run into ennemies…

    however is the game that short (4 hours ?), some review were talking of 15h…

    across age 2 was shorter (8h) that across age overall (10h) , so compared to this one ?

    Android is unique

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