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    So, as you may know, I don’t live in the US, so Kemco games price are different here. I have a limited budget of 15 BRL, which is roughly the same as US$ 4.00 (right now, the exchange ratio is 3.80:1.00). I should have added another 30 BRL to it (~US$ 8) but didn’t saw anything interesting to justify spending this amount.


    I’m a casual gamer. Currently, my options are:

    Symphony of Origin – 12.50 BRL = US$ 3.30

    -> It have @msg-commander blessings, the only reason why it is on this list

    Legends of Tretrarchs – 9 BRL = US$ 2.37

    -> Hitpoint is not my favorite, but it looks like Justice Chronicles, which was a good game (except for the grind grind grind but hey)

    Marenian Tavern Story – 8 BRL = US$ 2.11

    -> Not my favorite style, not my favorite settings and quite heavy (542 MB is a lot), but people are saying very well of the game here, so…

    Infinite Dunamis – 4 BRL = US$ 1.05

    -> Seems a bit grindy and boring, but is within the budget…


    …And of course, I can also wait for Asdivine Kamura to be released (might be an ok purchase if they manage to keep the standards set in Asdivine Dios, Menace and Cross).


    And last of all, I have the option to keep my “buy-kemco-games” obsession in check and save my money for some promotion or other. Or even to buy a non-kemco game. I have several Kemco games yet to complete, anyway, so I guess it’ll only join this list.

    List of Unfinished Games
    Onigo Hunter, Crystareino, Heirs of the Kings, Seek Hearts, Blood of Calamity, Justice Chronicles (Oh well, I’m quite close to completing mind you), Asdivine Hearts/Journey to Kreisia (I *hate* the combat system…), Fanatic Earth, Shelterra the Skyworld, Chrome Wolf…


    Oh, if you want to advise a game I do not already own (listed above and in my profile), only Dragon Lapis is out of my budget reach (20 BRL = US$ 5.26 – would not even consider buying a game at this price, plus, dragons aren’t my favorites)



    I have Frane: Dragons’ Odyssey desktop version and it looked… too complex, and the save spots aren’t my favorite, so I did not even start playing it.

    …Yeah, I’m quite picky with my games…

    Jesusalva / Jesusaves


    Legend of the Tetrarchs. Best Kemco game so far.

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    Get Chrome Wolf. It has a suprisingly good story and you can earn the IAP dungeons via normal gameplay. Blood of calamity is not a bad choice either but the main chatacter is a neckbeard.


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    MSG Commander

    If you haven’t decided yet, I’d say go with Symphony of the Origin. It’s still my all-around favorite. Some of the translations are just – strange – but the graphics and the gameplay and the overall storyline make up for that.

    The game itself takes about 8-10 hours, then there’s a couple hours of additional content (not including the DLC, which you can grind and earn points to buy whatever you want, it just takes more than one play-through.)

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