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    I see a few games with discount on my GPlay store!


    • Legend of Tretarchs
    • Dimension Cross
    • Frane
    • Premium: Heir of Kings
    • Premium: Wizards of Brandel
    • Premium: Revenant Dogma


    There’s probably more games with discount but well, I already own them so they don’t show up as such 😐 But at least everyone is now aware a few games are with discount! πŸ˜€

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    They’re not featured in the PS4’s “Black Friday” shop category, but a handful of Kemco RPGs are currently on sale on the 3DS, Switch, and PS3/PS4/Vita. A game that’s discounted on one platform may not be discounted on another.

    The 3DS especially tends to have a different Kemco RPG or two on sale every few weeks, and cheaper base prices for its Kemco RPGs (all of which have no in-game purchases). But its supply of Kemco RPGs may be drying up as the 3DS reaches the end of its life, and other platforms have Kemco RPGs it doesn’t have.

    Revenant Saga is on sale for $6.00 on the PS4 (North American region). I’m greatly enjoying both the story and the battle graphics. I can’t tell if they’re cell-shaded, but they’re quite pretty.

    Revenant Saga’s gameplay is extremely easy on Normal difficulty, but I’d rather rush ahead to the next story beat ASAP than risk being slowed down by switching to Hard difficulty.

    I’ll probably get Sephirothic Stories on the PS4 too (it’s on sale for $9.00), because I really like this 3D art style and want to support it.

    Revenant Saga 2 is not currently discounted (its PS4 price is $15.00), so I’ll see how much my budget can spare after finishing the other games.

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