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    Who are they exactly? Do they originate from a specific game? And just what are they? Are they Gods? Are they joke characters or some sort of Mascots for Kemco? I find them to be very mysterious. And if anyone has any ideas about them I’d love to hear your opinion on them.

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    Hmm… For sure they’re mascots of English Kemco division and EXE-CREATE and pretty much appear only in Asdivine series plus one or two more games.

    If my memory serves me right, they first appear in Journey to Kreisia, but there are still unnamed. In this game only the Forgotten Village and the Maid Association appear. I’m not sure if in Asdivine Hearts they appear, but if not, then their first nammed appearance would be Asdivine Dios.

    In Asdivine Menace we learn that the Maidame Curie is a some kind of a goddess, most likely the Deity of Time. She might have the powers equal to the uber Creation Deities, but I doubt she’s one of them.

    Also, in the Japanese version of the game they don’t have any name, so that names are only “exclusive” to the English versions of the game.

    And here is Maidame Curie’s Japanese name: 受付嬢 (which in English it means “Receptionist”.

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    Forgot to mention, but there are more named Maids than just Maidame and Jolie. There are like 5 or 6 named Maids, and they do appear in multiple games.

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    Asdivine dios does list madame curie as the deity of time and space but there’s not much to go on. My best bet is that Madame Curie is some sort of overarching goddess that exists to ensure the heroes win in the end by making sure they’re lucky enough to meet up and get out of otherwise unwinnable situations.

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    From what I’ve played, Asdivine Hearts had the most info about them. They are clearly mascot characters but I’m also curious about their identity in-universe.

    They appeared as “Receptionist” in Asdivine Hearts. Here, Maidame Curie teleported your ship to you and opened the way to Creation Deity’s domain by force. That was supposed to be impossible. This implied she could override Creation Deity’s power. The Creation Deity recognized her and called her “heretic” and “not of this world”. She could move between main world and paralel world with no problem. Light Deity and Shadow Deity had to exert themselves to do that.

    Iirc, she didn’t show any fear or concern about Shadow Deity’s plan to destroy everything but she expressed concern should the Creation Deity’s plan to remake everything succeed. So, maybe she’s immune against universal destruction but not against existensial reset?

    Maybe it’s also worth mentioning that she has no equal counterpart so far (again, only from what I’ve played). Jolie is definitely not her equal. Light Deity has Shadow Deity and even Creation Deity can actually comes in pair (Asdivine Menace, Asdivine Cross). Also, God and Demon, Holy God and Feral God and etc.

    Asdivine Hearts has a little bit more info about her. Her height, weight, three sizes and favorite food. You can see it for yourself below…

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    I don’t remember that bit of info from Maidame. It’s hilarious!

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