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    So we all know how many developers KEMCO publishes games for will reuse the same game engine and assets repeatedly to rapidly pump out new RPGs for us to enjoy. We see this especially with EXE Create, which seems to release at least one or two RPGs a year with the same visual style.

    My question is, has anyone ever sat down and figured out a “family tree” of sorts that shows which games share a common lineage and build off each other?

    Obviously we have the Asdivine Series that can be tracked pretty directly, but there are other games that use the same engine that have been released over time. I’m looking at games like Fernz Gate, Wizards of Brandel, Seek Hearts, and Miden Tower.

    Or we have Monster Viator being made with the same engine as Legend of the Tetrarchs.

    Does such a family tree exist, even if only for the EXE Create and Hit Point Co. games that frequently hit consoles?

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    Asdivine > fernz gate > wizards of brandle > seek hearts ‘

    Asdivine cross > Infinte dunamis > Antiquia lost > Fairy elements?

    Dragon sinker > Dragon lapis > Heirs of kings > Alvastia chronicles


    Cross hearts arcadia > Mystic chronicles > Justice chronicles

    Dark gate > Crystareino (class systems)

    Machine knight > Tetrarchs > Monster viator (with elements of seven sacred beasts) Crystal ortha


    Marenian tavern story (successor to adventure bar story)

    Blacksmith of the sand kingdom (successor to adventure labyrinth story)

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    By English release date:

    Seek Hearts -> Miden Tower -> Ruinverse


    I do not fully agree with @andreas on that, I think Tretarchs is much more alike Justice Chronicles than Machine Knight (I’ve played both).


    In truth, though, this is a tree, so non-linear. Asdivine would be the main branch from Exe-Create. From this main branch, they sometimes fork the engine making new games (eg. Fernz Gate). From these new games, they make forks/engine-successors (eg. Wizards of Brandel).

    Sometimes, they make a new game forking from not one, but two or more branches.

    And then we need to keep in mind that a few games are actually remakes of really really old games (eg. Asdivine SAGA). This makes certain games influence other games, and the remake be influenced by these games (which were influenced by the original). (eg. Asdivine Cross).


    Not trying to advertise, but

    I’m not trying to advertise, but you might consider using ( to sketch the tree.

    It allows to be add on Google Drive/Git/Dropbox/OneDrive/Trello.

    I’ve been using this tool to draw diagrams for a while now (as it is open-source and mostly privacy-respecting) and it is probably the best one in the internet.

    This tool allows you to export to PNG/JPG. I believe it would be easier to try to tackle this task.

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    Well, I definitely agree about Fernz Gate being related to Asdivine. Then there’s the Alphadia series, idk?

    (eg. Asdivine Cross)

    Uh, what exactly about Asdivine Cross?

    ٩( ᐛ )و


    Uh, what exactly about Asdivine Cross?

    If I remember correctly, Asdivine Cross is the remake of an older game.


    Yeah, Both Asdivine SaGa and Asdivine Cross are games that received remakes. In fact Asdivine Cross was the very first Asdivine game.

    There is a small comparision between the original game and the remake:


    Quite the tangled web, which is to be expected. I’d love to get a visual put together of all these interrelationships – maybe not going back to the beginning of time, but at least for a good chunk of modern titles.

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    Alphadia Genesis –> Revenant Saga –> Illussion of L’Phacia –> Alphadia Genesis 2 –> Revenant Dogma


    Sephirothic Stories –> Dimension Cross –> Ambition Record


    Band of Monsters –> Crystareino –> Monochrome Order

    Best of Kemco: Legend of the Tetrarchs and Monochrome Order.

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    Exe Create Tree (according to RPG Insanity users)


    Drawio file available, contact me in PM and it’ll upload it somewhere.

    No attribution required, the lines are based on this topic and the years are from Google Play’s version.

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    The same graphic, but now for HitPoint, according to RPG Insanity Users.
    It was harder to draw (and I believe that it is far from being accurate).

    Again, the drawio file is available via PM (can’t upload here) and no attribution is required. The years are from Google Play’s version. I could not find a couple titles on the store so they were not included.

    Hit-Point Tree

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